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History of the faculty

  The Faculty of Medical Pedagogy, Family Nursing and Folk Medicine of Samarkand State Medical University was opened in 2005 at the initiative of the rector of the institute A.M. Shamsiev. Such faculties were established in the republic in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 343 dated August 16, 2001, to train general practitioners, as well as doctors-teachers for medical colleges and institutes. In 2005, 50 students were admitted to the 1st course, and their studies began on September 1. It should be noted that in 2012, the faculty consisted of 50 medical graduates, 4 of whom were awarded with an honorary diploma. Since the establishment of the faculty, a lot of work has been done to improve the quality of education, new methods of practical training are being adopted. In the e-learning system, all the necessary materials for mastering subjects have been created, and a bank of tests, pictorial and situational problem tests have been created to monitor student learning and knowledge.

  The departments of the faculty have 5 educational and clinical bases, 6 lecture halls, more than 30 classrooms. Also, hospitals, clinics, computer and classrooms where the educational process takes place are equipped with modern educational furniture, computers, and multimedia projectors. Departments are equipped with phantom classes that develop practical skills. Computers in all departments are connected to the Internet for educational and scientific work.

  Today, the number of students studying at the faculty from 1 to 6 courses is 622. More than 100 students are admitted to the faculty every year. The form and methods of the educational process are regularly updated and improved. In order to integrate the education of Uzbekistan with the European educational area, they have been studying at the faculty for 6 years according to the credit-module system in accordance with the Bologna educational process. For this purpose, in the pedagogical process, more importance is attached to methods such as independent preparation of students, solving test problems, mastering practical skills. The rating system allows for more creative use of teaching and supervision methods, taking into account the individual readiness of students.

  A lot of attention is also paid to the students' scientific research work. Materials on the results of scientific research are reported at the scientific councils of the faculty, at conferences, and the works are published in scientific collections. Candidate scholarships are awarded based on the results of scientific research. Admission to master's degree and residency is conducted on a competitive basis.

  The best students are awarded with the scholarship of the President of Uzbekistan, state scholarship named after Ibn Sina and other candidate scholarships.

  At the faculty, students undergo production practice in the following directions: junior nurse, nursing, hospital doctor's assistant, professional pedagogy and psychology

  The faculty's coaching institute is also functioning effectively. In order to improve educational work among students, academic groups of students have been appointed mentors from professors of the institute. In modern society, despite the acceleration of physical maturity in the spheres of life, social and psychological concepts based on self-affirmation, the need for communication, the adolescent's desire to grow up, lead to the formation of a new outlook.

  Special attention is paid to the preparation of graduate courses for state certification. During the last years, graduating students take practical graduation exams, accordingly, faculty and staff of graduate departments carry out large-scale organizational and methodical work.

  Lectures and ongoing clinical conferences with the participation of professors from leading universities and scientific research institutes of the republic, MDX and foreign countries will help to provide students with high pedagogical skills.

  The following deans contributed to the formation and development of the faculty: Professor Shavazi Nurali Mamedovich (2005-2007), Associate Professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Pathological Anatomy Abdullaev Bakhtiyor Saidovich (2007-2012), Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery Ruzibaev Sanjar Abdusalomovich (2012-2017). , doctor of medical sciences, associate professor Oripov Firdavs Sur'atovich (2018-2020 year), doctor of medical sciences Mamaradjabov Sobirjon Ergashevich (2020-2022 years) since April 2022, the faculty is headed by candidate of medical sciences Daminov Feruz Asadullaevich. His deputies are Temirov Fazliddin Nuriddinovich, a teacher of the department of physics, biophysics and medical physics, Turayev Talib Makhmudjonovich and Urunov Bakhodir Muminovich, a teacher of the department of psychiatry, medical psychology and narcology.