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Faculty of Medical Pedagogy

1. Type of education: Bachelor's degree

2. Specialty: 5111000 – Vocational education (Medical work)

3. Qualification: general practitioner, pedagogue

4. Study period: 6 years

5. Form of education: full-time

6. Language of education: Uzbek, Russian

7. Faculty qualifications: 5111000 – professional activities of bachelors in the field of vocational education (medical work) include:

• organization of medical activities in the primary health care system;

• development and implementation of all types of preventive measures for acute and chronic diseases common among the population;

• to have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge on the scope of emergency aid and to apply it in practice;

• to have modern information and knowledge about diseases and problems that are relevant in the field of medicine and regularly get acquainted with information about them during the course of work;

• target-oriented application of modern diagnostic and treatment standards for common diseases among the population;

• in cases where rehabilitation measures are required, timely implementation of measures to apply them to the extent necessary for the population;

• effective use of available resources in cooperation with organizations responsible for social protection of the population;

• rational use of labor resources of the primary healthcare system and participation in their effective management;

• participation in conducting scientific research activities on the relevant issues in the field of medicine at the level of demand. The types of professional activities of bachelors in the field of pediatrics are medical prophylaxis;

• quick and urgent medical assistance;

• diagnosis and treatment;

• rehabilitation;

• medical and social;

• organizational management;

• scientific research.