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Morally and educational work of the department

  President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.As Mirziyoyev noted in his programs "one of the most important and pressing issues is the upbringing of young people with high spirituality, modern knowledge and professions, with their independent opinion in the spirit of national and universal values" we can build a prosperous and prosperous society with high spiritual and continuous spiritual education.

  The first president of our republic I. A Karimov in his book" High spirituality is an invincible power "states that" education cannot be separated from education, and education from upbringing – this Eastern View is a philosophy of life."

  Great thinker and enlightener A.Avlani spoke about upbringing, saying that “upbringing is for us – either life or death, or salvation is either disaster, or salvation, or the path to happiness. ” Teaching young people the task of every educator is his duty to educate

  The implementation of these tasks is the responsibility of teachers and professors. Due to the fact that our faculty performs the task of training medical pedagogical personnel, we are required to pay special attention to spiritual educational work.

  At the beginning of the school year, the plan for the implementation of work in the manaviy-marifi, akhlokiy educational sphere was approved by mukhokama kilinib.

  During the academic year, on the basis of the plan, the professors and teachers of the course carried out work in the manaviy-marifi, akhlokiy educational spheres.

  A meaningful Organization of students ' vacancies was organized in maksadi to visit various historical monuments, shrines, theaters and concerts in our city. Our students actively participated in the gilingan conference and concert organized by the National Centers called bulib utgan “Uzbekistan general house” in the concert hall of the College of Arts in Samarkand.

  In the "Information hours"held on Thursdays of the week, the criteria of high spirituality in the maximum development of spiritual perfection of the individual, the spiritual maturity of students, the topic of religious bagri width were constantly held throughout the year. Religious bagri held a seminar on "we are children of one ground and one time" in maksadi to shape the breadth and harmony of nations. During the winter months, the leaders of all academic gurhs prepared a photo album on the scale of the faculty, familiarizing themselves with the living conditions of the students living in the rental. In this case, special attention is paid mainly to the fire safety and living conditions in the student residence.

  In cooperation with the employees of the regional procratura, the head of internal affairs and the regional religious organization, there were discussions on the topic "Corruption is a society", and the vidio film "cancer of conscience" was shown, which reveals its taste.

  Senior lecturer of the Department of surgical diseases of the Faculty of Pediatrics at the Public Health Technical School named after Pastdargom Abu Ali Aliibn Sino A.S.Toirov injected students and teachers with a lecture from the mazus “varicose disease of the Oyok veins and modern methods of its treatment.”

  National holidays, dates of birth of historical figures and great ancestors were constantly celebrated at the faculty. In particular; "feast of Mustakillik", "teacher's and coach's day", "language holiday", "Kurbon khayiti", "Constitution Day Of The Republic of Uzbekistan", "day of the motherland people", "Khalkaro women's day", "Navruz holiday", "day of memory and kadirlash", holidays, great figures A. Navoi (9.02), Z.M. Babur (14.02), M. Ulugbek (22.03), A.Timur (9.04), birthdays were widely celebrated.

  The day of the national anthem was widely celebrated at our institute.

  During the years of independence, along with many of our national values, "Navruz holiday" was returned to our people. This holiday is also of great educational importance, calling people to solidarity. Every year, including this year, on February 24, the President's decisions were made to "celebrate March 21 Navruz as a national holiday."

  These are the days held in Tashkent Republic and Jahan Mikoyan; November 3 is" Khalkaro disabled day", December 1 is" day of struggle against all Jahan AIDS", may 18 is"Khalkaro Museum Day", may 31 is" day of the environment mukhit khimoya kilish", June 1 is" day of children's struggle", June 26 is"day of struggle against Narkamania" the round parties were held in all groups.

  Assistant of the department A. to the festival "national costumes" held in our university.S.With the participation of Toirov and employees of the Department played.

  In order to promote a healthy lifestyle among students and to carry out meaningful work on the vacancies in cooperation with the Department of physical education, couplab sports competitions and memory tournaments were held in memory of the deceased students and professors. In IT, students of the faculty actively participated in the fudbol competition, and professors and teachers in the chess competition.

  On the eve of memory and honor day, employees of the Department of “surgical diseases” of SamDTU on may 9, on the eve of memory and honor day, worked for many years at the University and taught students, wished peace of our country to continue, as well as our kind and generous people, who are currently pursuing old age Gashti, will always be

  Employees of the Department, on the basis of orders and instructions of the regional department and the university administration, are involved in Mahalla and schools of Okdarya, Kushrabot, Jomboy and Urgut districts, and issued certificates on the basis of the instructions.

  Assistant of the Department Akhmedov G.K. and F. Sh.yuldashevs sheet from the process of methodological assistance to the 51st high school community in the Koshrabad district.

  Assistant of the department U.R.Khudaynazarov and J.K.A sheet from the process of studying the state of work with young people in the neighborhoods of Darkhan mahallasi in the Okdarya District of the tukhtayevs.

  Department Assistant A.S.Toirov and young scientists of the department at the scientific conference.

  Assistant of the Department Alimov J.Sheet from the process of studying the state of work with works in the makhallas of I Urgut district.

  In the 2022-2023 academic year, all planned activities were carried out, and no violations and behavior contrary to spirituality were observed in the Miki of our course.