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Science club

  In 2021-2022 academic year, 19 students, 4 clinical residents and 3 Master's residents were enrolled in the scientific circle “young surgeons”, organized at the Department of surgical diseases of the Faculty of Pediatrics, and all of them are actively participating in the club, which is constantly held in the Department. Each student is attached to the teachers of the department and actively participates in scientific research in accordance with the traditions of "teacher-disciple".

  Participation in domestic and international scientific and practical conferences, the formation of students ' oratorical abilities, the effect of the work done and the results of scientific work were analyzed. In addition, in each circle, students actively participate in operations and connecting rooms in a practical way, making speeches on specific topics, as well as students independently engage in practical skills.

  The leader responsible for the activities of the circle is the teacher Akhmedov g’.K. being, today he is the main doctoral student, as well as the author of more than 100 scientific works.

  During the 2021-2022 academic year, talented students of our department, together with their teachers, published theses and articles in several domestic and foreign scientific journals and obtained certificates.

  3 articles (1 in Scopus and 2 in the Republican Journal) were published. 20.05.2022 y. a total of 11 theses were sent to the 76th international scientific and practical conference "dostijeniya fundamentalnoy, prikladnoy medisini I pharmacy", which was held in Sammu. Student of the 621st group of the Faculty of Pediatrics Abdurakhimova Amira and student of the 309th group of the Faculty of medical pedagogy Sultanbaev Shakhbaz joined with the doclads and took the honorable 1st place.

  5 theses from the department were published by the members of the scientific circle” young hirurgs “at the XVII scientific and practical conference”Tajik state medical university named after Abuali ibni Sino".