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Science club

    In the 2022-2023 academic year, the scientific circle "Young Surgeons", organized at the Department of Surgical Diseases of the Pediatric Faculty, was joined by 16 students, 9 clinical residents and 1 undergraduates, and all of them are constantly held at the department, took an active part in events. Each student is attached to the teachers of the department and actively participates in scientific research according to the "teacher-student" tradition.

    Participation in local and international scientific-practical conferences, the formation of students' oratorical skills, the results of the work performed and the results of scientific work are analyzed. In addition, in each circle, students make presentations on various topics, actively participate in operations and connecting rooms in a practical

    way, and they also work out practical skills on their own.

    Responsible for the activities of the circle is an assistant - Ahmedov G.K. and today he is the main doctoral student, as well as the author of more than 100 scientific papers.

    During the 2022-2023 academic year, talented students of our department, together with their teachers, published abstracts and articles in several domestic and foreign scientific journals and received certificates.

    Achilov Yu.S., student of group 409 of the pediatric faculty. - took an honorable 3rd place at the 2nd International Olympiad “Virtuosos of Medicine” in Tashkent on November 30, 2022. Sultanbaev Sh.A., student of group 409 of the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy - took an honorable 1st place at the III International Olympiad “Samarkand-2020” in the city of Samarkand on 12/16/2022.

    3 articles were published (1 in Scopus and 2 in a republican journal). 05/19/2023 At the 77th international scientific and practical conference “Achievements of fundamental, applied medicine and pharmacy”, held at SamSMU, 6 theses were submitted by SSS staff. Sultanbayev Shakhboz, student of group 409 - 1st place, Umarova Osuda, student of group 411, and Turakulov Zhamshid, student of group 411 of the Faculty of Medicine and Pedagogy, took part with reports and took an honorable 3rd place.

    9 abstracts from the department were published by members of the scientific circle "Young surgeons" at the XVII scientific and practical conference held at the "Abuali Ibni Sino State Medical University of Tajikistan".