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Science club

    Currently, the Department of Internal Medicine of the Pediatric Faculty is responsible for SNO: the head of the department, associate professor Z.B. Babamuradova, responsible assistant G.Z. Mukhitdinova. The Department of Internal Medicine has a circle, and every week on Saturdays, together with members of the circle, students interpret the information on therapy prepared by them in the form of a presentation on various interesting topics of science. In addition, in the therapeutic department on selected topics with doctors, patients are supervised, their medical history is analyzed, as well as procedures are carried out.

    Students are given a referral to scientific research, mastery of the science of internal medicine. Under the guidance of the department staff, together with students, they participate in scientific and practical conferences, city and international olympiads, publish theses and scientific articles in republican and international journals.

    Currently, more than 50 students participate in the Department of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Pediatrics.

The following is a brief overview of student performance in 2022-2023.

    At the III International Olympiad called "followers of Avicenna," held at the Tashkent Medical Academy of 06.04.2023, Azamov Abror (scientific director of the ACC. Safarova M.P.) our student took part and received honorary places.

    On May 19, at the Tashkent Medical Academy at a conference entitled "Actual Problems of Pathological Anatomy," a 4th year MD student of the group Prashant Kumar (scientific director of the associate professor. Babamuradova Z.B) participated with a lecture.

Articles and abstracts published by students:

    A 5th year student in the Department of Pediatrics, Dulopov J, an article entitled "Detection and Correction of Hypokalemia in Patients with Refractory Chronic Heart Failure" was published in the journal Scholastic. Journal of natural and medical education. "

    5-year students of the Faculty of Pediatrics Turaev Sh. And Bekkamov S. An article entitled "Clinical and diagnostic parameters of rheumatic heart disease and features of the course" was published in the journal "Scientific aspects and trends in the field of scientific research" (supervisor Murkmanov M.M.)

    At the same time, our students are actively participating in the annual conference of medical students and young scientists at our university. For example, at the 76th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Achievements of Fundamental and Practical Medicine and Pharmacy" in May 2023, our students prepared lectures and received high marks.