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Research work of the department

  Information about the scientific research of teachers of the pharmaceutical faculty of the department of pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry of the Samarkand State Medical University.

  Teachers of the department are currently conducting scientific research on the following topics:

  Baikulov Azim Kenzhaevich: The use of chitosan derivatives in medicine.

  Rakhmanov Farhod Kholboevich: Physiological and biochemical parameters of broiler chickens treated with chitosan and dry whey.

  Akramov Davlat Khimmatkulovich: Chemical investigation of the genus Allium and their biological activity.

  Anvarov Takhir Utkirovich: Catalytic synthesis of aliphatic С2-С12 normal and isonitriles.

  Toshboev Feruz Nizomiddinovich: Kinetic regularities of oxyacetylation of ethylene.

  Paizullaeva Umida Furkatovna: The intestinal microbiome and the formation of the immune response in autoimmune diseases.

  This year (in 2022), the teachers of the department published 23 scientific papers:

  Articles - 14 (Foreign - 9 (1 Scopus, 2 Web of Science), Republican - 5).

  Theses - 9 (Foreign - ..., Republican - 9).