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Research work of the department

  The scientific direction of the department: "Study of genetic aspects of the pathology of the organs of the urinary system (STA) in the Uzbek population, taking into account the high inbreeding of consanguineous marriages (high frequency of consanguineous marriages) in children, acquired and hereditary kidney diseases. Age and gender distribution studying the characteristics (epidemiology of STA diseases) and their nosological structure.

  As a result of several years of research, for the first time in Uzbekistan, the epidemiology of kidney diseases was studied in the Zarafshan oasis. 9,665 children aged 1-14 were examined in the children's departments of 2, 4, 5 polyclinics in Samarkand. The results of the study showed that the pathology of the urinary system is quite widespread among children (7.4%, 74±2.66 per 1000 children). As a result of scientific research, among 715 children with nephropathy examined in the 1980s, the following nosological structure was determined: urinary tract infection, including pyelonephritis (49.2%), dysmetabolic nephropathies (29.1%), glomerulonephritis (20 %). For the first time, the frequency of occurrence of urate nephropathies in the structure of nephropathies in the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan was determined. It was justified that the dispensary should be conducted on a family basis in order to identify premanifest forms of pathology and increase the effectiveness of preventive measures. The clinical-laboratory criteria of the premanifest stage of urate nephropathies were developed and a proposal was made to introduce them into clinical practice (family tree analysis, indicators of uricemia and uricosuria, xanthine oxidase activity, and assessment of ammonio-acidogenetic activity of the kidneys). In 1977, the monograph "Dizmetabolicheskie nefropatii u detey" (Dzh. Ishkabulov, S. Abdurakhmanova) was published for the first time in the "library of a practical doctor" series among the CIS countries. In this monograph, along with the analysis of indicators of world scientific literature, the results of scientific research on nephropathies in children conducted for almost 20 years at the Department of Pediatrics of the 2nd hospital were summarized. For the first time, the results of segregation analyzes using different genetic hypotheses (monogenic, multifactorial) were shown in the monograph, and it was proved that the polygenic (multifactorial) model of pathology is characteristic for dysmetabolic nephropathies. In order to facilitate the understanding of practicing doctors, the authors presented many examples of clinical situations - uraturia, hyperoxaluria, nephropathies against the background of cystinuria, genetic genealogies of patients. For the first time, according to the type of dysmetabolism and the evolution of the disease (premanifest boskich, DMN, interstitial nephritis, secondary pyelonephritis, urolithiasis), dietary and drug treatment methods are presented.

Author of the scientific work

Subject of the scientific work

Year of protection

K.R. Dilmuradova

Disturbance of tubular functions and stability of cytomembranes in nephropathies in children, and methods of their correction.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)


A.A. Axmatov

Cell membrane structure, functional status and antioxidant defense system of erythrocytes in healthy and glomerulonephritis children in hot climates.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)


N.A. Karimova

Effect of treatment on membrane-destructive changes and coagulogram indices in children with primary glomerulonephritis in hot climates.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)


R.S. Saidmurodova

Assessment of the diagnostic value of in vitro tests for the investigation of allergic reactions to penicillin in children.

(For the degree of candidate of medical sciences


R.R. Tuxvatullina


Clinical and biochemical characteristics of urate nephropathy in children and effectiveness of family medical control.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)


E.Yu. Pavlova

Polyorgan membranopathy and its efficacy with antioxidants in infants born to mothers with gestational nephropathy.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)



Clinical significance of pyridoxine supplementation and tryptophan metabolism in children with oxalate nephropathy.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)


S.K. Abduraxmanova

Nephropathies in young children (prevalence, clinical, genealogical and biochemical characteristics.

(For the Doctor of Medicine degree)


A.S. Diveeva

Clinical-diagnostic and prognostic significance of fermenturia in kidney diseases in children.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)


R.B. Rustamova

Clinical significance of intestinal microbiocenosis disturbance and its correction in infants with pneumonia


A.S. Kalmikova

Myocarditis and cardiopathies in premature children.

(For the Doctor of Medicine degree)



Partial renal function and corrective therapy methods in young children with metabolic nephropathy in pneumonia.

(For the degree of candidate of medical sciences) 2001


F.S Yakubov

Functional status of kidneys and issues of efferent therapy in hemolytic disease of infants.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)


K.R Dilmuradova

Disturbance of kidney homeostatic functions in babies born to mothers with gestosis and the method of their correction (clinical and experimental justification).

(For the Doctor of Medicine degree)


G. D. Ishkabulova

Effects of membrane-reparative therapy on basic kidney functions in infants born to mothers with OPG-gestosis.

(For the degree of candidate of medical sciences) 2001



Clinical significance of lipid metabolism in non-rheumatic carditis in young children.

(For the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences)



Chronic pyelonephritis in children: diagnosis and treatment.


  During this period, more than 600 scientific works, including more than 150 articles, were published by the staff of the department in republican and foreign publications. More than 30 rationalization proposals were made to improve methods of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and primary prevention of STO diseases in children, 3 patents were obtained for inventions. On the basis of scientific research carried out in the department, 10 methodological manuals for practitioners, 30 educational and methodological manuals for senior students of the faculty of pediatrics were prepared.

  1 popular scientific publication, 2 monographs on children's nephrology, 4 instructional manuals and 1 textbook for students in the national language were published. 13 bachelor's theses and 3 doctoral theses were defended. It should be noted that the team of the department considers the study of the epidemiology, nosological structure, metabolic genesis, various aspects of nephropathies, prevention of dysmetabolic nephropathies, neonatal nephrology as a priority in the climatic and ecological conditions of Uzbekistan. In 1991, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the department, the first attempt was made to summarize the materials obtained during 10 years in a popular scientific publication in the national language: a manual entitled "Diet in Children with Kidney Diseases" (J. Eshqobilov, K. Dilmuradova, 1991) was published. In this publication, they tried to draw the attention of the medical community and the population to the importance of the problem of dysmetabolic nephropathies, and given recommendations on the diet - prevention and diet therapy of DMN, taking into account the specific characteristics of the national cuisine in our region.

  In 1997, the first independent monograph "Dysmetabolic nephropathy in children" (J. Ishkabulov, S. Abdurakhmanova, 1997) was published in the "Practitioner's Library" series.

  In 2001, a two-part textbook "Children's Diseases" in the national language was published for senior students of the Faculty of Pediatrics of medical institutes in 2001. In the "Nephrology" section of this manual, the results of long-term scientific research conducted by the department's staff on children's nephrology issues have been widely used.

  In 2008, the monograph "Children's Nephrourology" was published in the national language (with the participation of D.I. Ishkabulov, YM Akhmedov, department staff), which, along with an analysis of world literature, contains information on clinical, geneological, laboratory research conducted by the department staff. . In 2020, the monograph "Children's Nephrourology" was republished in the state language. In 2021, "Chronic pyelonephritis and diagnosis: diagnostics and lechenie" (N.I. Akhmedjanova), "Children's nephrology" (A. Akhmatov, N.I. Akhmedjanova, etc.), in 2022 "Dietology" (N.I. Akhmedjanova and b.q.) training manuals have been published.

  Currently, the staff of the department, while continuing the main scientific direction, conducts scientific research on the most urgent issues of children's nephrology. The work is carried out using the latest methods of laboratory diagnostics and digital medical equipment. A modern method for determining kidney pathology based on the assessment of cystatin-C levels in blood plasma is being introduced and studied. One of the latest priority areas of research is the diagnosis of cardiovascular complications in acute and chronic kidney pathology. Including:

  1. Associate Professor B.A. Yoldoshev, Doctor of Science thesis (DSc) - "A comprehensive approach to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in children with chronic kidney disease."
  2. Assistant F.P. Abdurasulov, doctor of philosophy (PhD) dissertation topic - "Optimization of cytokine status and treatment tactics in chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis in children."
  3. Assistant Yu.A. Akhmatova, doctor of philosophy (PhD) dissertation topic - "State of protein metabolism and treatment tactics in chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis in children" - is about to be defended.
  4. Assistant M.D. Muradova, doctor of philosophy (PhD) thesis topic - "Prediction and evaluation of cardiorenal syndrome in children with acute glomerulonephritis".
  5. Doctoral student Ashurova N.Sh., doctor of philosophy (PhD) thesis topic - "Comprehensive assessment and control of the effectiveness of anemia treatment in children with chronic kidney disease."