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Educational and methodical work of the department

  The main training base of the department is located in the Samarkand Regional Children's Multidisciplinary Medical Center (VBKTTM). The study area of the department is 412 sq.m. constitutes The department has: 1 department head's room, 1 lecture room (40 seats), 3 associate professor's rooms, 3 assistant's rooms. In addition, in accordance with the agreements concluded between the university administration and the chief doctors of medical institutions, practical training will be conducted with students of the I-V courses of the faculties of pediatrics, treatment, dentistry and medical prevention in the departments of gastroenterology, nephrology, pulmonology, early childhood diseases, cardiology and Kabul of Samarkand VBKTTM. . The department was given 6 computers, 1 laptop, 1 netbook, 1 tablet and 1 multimedia projector by the university. During the course of the lesson, the department staff and students use them effectively.

  Daily rating points received by students during the semester are regularly recorded in electronic journals and in the rating window of the department. With students who did not get enough points, the staff of the department conducts an additional lesson based on the plan, and the results of retraining are recorded in the appropriate notebook.

  During the academic year, the professors-teachers of the department participate in mutual classes based on the plan and write down their opinions about the conducted classes in a separate notebook. Open classes and open lectures are held on time based on the plan approved by the department meeting and the methodical branch council.

  Head of the department, Ph.D., associate professor N.I.Akhmedyanova, associate professors B.A.Yuldashev, A.A.Akhmatov, M.D.Aralov will hold open lectures and all assistants of the department will hold 2 open classes on different topics.