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Research work of the department

  The staff of the department conducts scientific research to determine the actual problems of modern dentistry, the creation of scientific innovations, the creation of new types of treatment, the organization of students in the new education system.

  All employees of the department take an active part in the research work of the department and the university. At our department, 3 candidates of sciences defended their dissertations on the following topics:

  1. Khazratov Alisher Isamiddinovich- theme he defended: “Morphofunctional state of the oral cavity in patients with colon cancer (clinical and experimental study)”.
  2. Khasanov Ilkhom Ikromovich- the topic he defended: "Comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with defects in the teeth of the distal upper jaw using dental implants."
  3. Ismatov Farrukh Asliddinovich- the topic he defended: “Dental diseases of university students and ways of their prevention”.

  Currently, 5 independent researchers and 2 doctoral students of our department are actively working. Our employees carry out scientific work on the following scientific topics:

  1. Buzrukzoda Zh.D.-“Optimization of Guided Bone Regeneration in Conditions of Jaw Bone Atrophy".
  2. Musurmanov F.I.-“Treatment of phlegmon of the maxillofacial region in patients with metabolic syndrome in combination with intestinal dysbiosis”.
  3. Isaev U.I.-“Improving Bone Volume Preservation with Extracted Tooth Fragment.”
  4. Furkatov Sh.F.-“TOliniko-diagnostic aspects of the state of periodontal tissues in patientsin need of orthodontic treatment.”
  5. Narzieva D.B.-“Improvement of the complex treatment of boils and carbuncles of the maxillofacial region with the introduction of an antibacterial drug by the lymphotropic route in combination with phytotherapy”.
  6. Iskhakova Z.Sh.- “ Increasing the effectiveness of the treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region using modern dressings”.
  7. Bekmuratov L.R.-“Comparative evaluation of simultaneous dental implantation with the use of various surgical methods of treatment”.

  The activity of the staff of the department can be seen in the participation in the following academic mobility and scientific and practical conferences held abroad and in our Republic:

  1. Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibn Sino.
  2. Privolzhsky Research Medical University, 05/19/2022 No. 278-A90.
  3. Samara State Medical University, 05/19/2022 No. 278-A90.
  4. Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov. 11/18/2022.
  5. Voronezh State Medical University. N. N. Burdenko "Actual issues of surgical dentistry" international scientific and practical conference, 12/23/2022.
  6. II scientific-practical conference with international participation "Clinic and fund of the Tibetan Bulletin" (Bukhara, December 6-7, 2022)

  Of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 29, 2020. According to Decree No. PF-6097 “On Approval of the Concept for the Development of Science until 2030”, the potential of scientific work carried out in our department is increasing every day, and the number of our employees with academic degrees and scientists ranks. Over the past year, the staff of the department published more than 146 scientific papers, including 1 electronic textbook, 5 manuals, 2 monographs, 3 electronic programs (EP), more than 135 articles in domestic and foreign journals.