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Research work of the department

  All professors and teachers of the department and independent researchers are involved in research work. Currently, each member of the department is conducting scientific research based on the topic assigned to him. Scientific research works and the achieved results are discussed at the department meetings every month.

  In the 2022-2023 academic year from Jumala, the head of the Department of Languages, Ph.D. Yorova S.K. 10.00.06 - Assistant of the Department of Comparative Literary Studies, Hybrid Linguistics and Translation Studies, A.Z. Shodigulova. 0.00.04 - Successfully defended candidate theses in the language and literature of the peoples of Europe, America and Australia.

  On December 28, 2023, intern-assistant of the department Makhmudova Sabina Avazjonovna "J. 10.00.04 - defended his PhD thesis on the topic "Realization of the frame model of the British Empire" in Aldridge's novels - language and literature of the peoples of Europe, America and Australia.

  In the 2023-2024 academic year, assistants of the department Sharipov B.S. 10.00.11 – Theory of language. Specializing in Applied and Computer Linguistics, Makhmudov Z.M. 13.00.02 - It is planned to defend candidate's theses in the specialty of theory and methodology of education and upbringing.

  Also, professors-teachers of the department are publishing theses, scientific articles, pamphlets, textbooks and training manuals.

  In 2021, the head of the Department of Languages "English for Medical Students" and in 2023 "English-French-Russian. "Conversation book" training manuals are approved and published by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.

  In addition, department assistant Makhmudov Z.M. In 2023, the textbook "Fundamentals of the Latin language and medical-pharmaceutical terminology" was published.

  Department assistant Makhmudov Z.M. by 4 topics: 1) "Introduction to pharmaceutical terminology. The scientific and trivial name of medicinal substances. Meaningful word-forming suffixes and terms used to create drug names.

  Drug forms", 2) "The verb, its grammatical categories. Command OK. Standard recipe forms with verbs", 3) "Recipe, its structure. Rules for writing recipes", 4) "Adjective, grammatical categories of adjectives, division into groups, adverbs, vocabulary form. Determining the basis of qualities. It is planned to publish teaching-methodical recommendations.

  Department assistant Ph.D. Shodikulova A.Z. 1st methodical manual "English language", monograph on "Metonymy" and teaching-methodical works on "Levels of adjectives" were published by.

  Professors and teachers of the department regularly publish articles and theses in national and foreign scientific journals and collections of scientific and practical conferences.

  Scientific conferences and conventions on the development of scientific research are held at the Department of Languages.

  Professors and teachers of the department regularly publish scientific articles and theses in prestigious foreign and national journals on their research work.