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Science club

  The research work of the students of the Department of Languages is carried out by organizing meetings of the student scientific course "Medical English", conducting separate scientific meetings within the framework of international and republican student scientific and practical conferences at Samarkand State Medical University. At the department, the ccourse works according to the work plan for the 2022-2023 academic year, approved by the head of the student scientific society. Students prepare research articles on topical issues of learning foreign languages, problems of language and terminology in modern medicine for republican competitions of research papers.

  All students interested in the importance and problems of language in medicine are encouraged to cooperate, encouraging the achievements of the members of the course.

  Responsible for the activities of the circle is a teacher Sherbekova Yulduz Zokirovna, who today has a TEFL (C1) certificate and completedESP course.

  Every Friday during the academic year, Assistentof the Department Sherbekova Yu.Z. under the guidance of the staff of the department and students visiting the SSS, the course is held and graphic protocols are recorded.

  At the beginning of the academic year, teachers of the Faculty of Languages carry out their activities according to the principle of "Ustoz-shogird", regularly conducting research work with gifted students attached to them. Preparation and submission of abstracts and articles to various scientific and practical conferences held throughout the republic, the CIS and abroad, as well as using their pedagogical skills. The staff of the department held presentations in the course and provided students with complete information on this topic. Two or three students are attached to each teacher, monthly thematic courses are prepared at the beginning of each month, and illustrated protocols are presented for each topic covered. 42 gifted students participate in the scientific course.

  Members of the course take an active part in various international student conferences with the award of prizes to them.

  Students who take an active part in the work of the SSS can be recommended for further postgraduate studies at the department. Many graduates of the SSS continue their education in the magistracy.