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Science club


  In order to strengthen the scientific and intellectual activity of students in the Department of Languages, a student scientific club called "MEDICAL ENGLISH" was established. The main tasks of this club are:

  1.  To determine the directions of scientific work of students selected for the Student Scientific Society (STS);
  2.  To explain to students the translation and meaning of English terms in medical terminology;
  3.  To improve English language skills and introduce grammatical rules to students.

  Currently, 45 students from 1st-2nd year students of all faculties of the university are members of the student scientific club of the Department of Languages.

  Azzamova Umida Alisherovna was appointed intern-assistant of the Department. She is  responsible for the student of scientific club. The scientific club was organized by the head of the club Azzamova U.A., P.Olimzoda, S.R.Abdusalimov, S.Ya. Nasimova, S.A. Makhmudova, D.S. Ibragimova. Above mentioned teachers conduct practical lessons and master classes for students. Students were divided into groups to introduce English grammar rules, increase their vocabulary using games and other creative activities.

  Speaking and Listening classes for in-depth study of the English language are launched every Saturday at 09.00.

  Acquaintance with the essence of scientific topics, wide promotion of the activities of dedicated teachers and coaches in working with students, the recommendations and instructions of scientific leaders, the realization of students' talents, the formation of skills to work perfectly with modern technologies and their development. Mental stimulation is the main task of the scientific community.

  The "Medical English" club at the Department of Languages conducts English language classes every Saturday for all university students. 

  Talented students, professors and teachers who work in the department have won prizes at the Olympiads and competitions held at the international and local levels.