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Faculty of Medical Prevention

  The Faculty of Medical Prevention, Public Health and Medical Biology has two specialties:

1. Medical prevention

2. Medical biology

Faculty Qualifications:

Direction of training (specialty) - 5510300-Medical and preventive work

Specialization (qualification) - General hygienist, epidemiologist

Study period: 5 years

Full-time form of education

Language of instruction: Uzbek, Russian

Direction of training (specialty) - 5510300-Medical and biological work

Specialization (qualification) - Doctor lobarant

Duration of study: 4 years

Full-time form of education

  Professional activities of bachelors include:

- organization of medical activities in the system of primary health care;

- development and implementation of all types of prevention of acute and chronic diseases common among the population;

- acquire up-to-date information and knowledge about diseases and problems relevant in the field of medicine, and regularly get acquainted with information about them in the process of work;

- efficient use of available resources in cooperation with organizations responsible for social protection of the population;

- rational use of labor resources of the primary health care system and participation in their effective management;

- participation in research work on topical issues in the field of medicine at the level of demand;

- medical and social;

- organizational management.