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    Educational and methodological work of the faculty

        Educational and clinical bases of the faculty: Samarkand regional SEWandPHS, Samarkand city SEWandPHS and Clinical and laboratory departments of the Samarkand city medical association.

        The most important tasks of the faculty are constant individual work with professors, teachers and students. Particular attention is paid to deepening medical knowledge by involving students in research, learning foreign languages and improving computer literacy.

        The Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Medical Biology focuses on increasing student participation in higher education and practical skills. This situation occupies a special place in the educational process and in practice. The departments work with students in full compliance with the requirements of state educational standards.

        At the meetings of the educational and methodological council of the faculty, issues related to the lesson plan, the calendar plan of programs and topics, recommendations for the publication of textbooks, further improvement of the rating system, current control, attendance and knowledge of students, calendar thematic work in the departments are discussed.

        The current science curricula are constantly being updated and improved, as well as being retrained every academic year.

        Teaching of subjects is carried out in the form of interdisciplinary integration in accordance with the curriculum. For the effective use of the information database, new information technologies are being introduced at the departments of the faculty. All departments are equipped with the latest computers, connected to the Internet and multimedia projectors. Teaching aids are constantly being modernized: the video library and the electronic library are constantly replenished;

        Graduates of the faculty specialize in medical prevention: district, city and republican SEWandPHS, state sanitary institutions, insurance and municipal medical institutions, medical units, AIDS centers, research institutes, secondary and higher medical educational institutions. They work in educational institutions.

        Medical Biology: Lecturer in General Medical Sciences at Medical Colleges (Microbiology, Normal Anatomy, Pathological Anatomy, Normal Physiology, Pathological Physiology, Histology).

        In addition, in order to improve the level of quality of education for students studying in the field of medical biology, training highly qualified personnel, practical skills, theoretical and practical classes are taught to senior students on a contract basis in medical centers located in the city of Samarkand. In particular, agreements were concluded with the medical center “TASNIM MED”, the medical center “SMART Doctor MEDSERVIS” and the AIDS Center of the Samarkand region for the organization of educational laboratory classes