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Educational and methodical work of the department

  The department trains students of the 3rd and 4th courses of medical, pediatric, medical-pedagogical, medical-biological, dental faculties, as well as the faculty of MBBS in the discipline "Medical Radiology".

  The department also trains highly qualified specialists in the direction of the magistracy.

  The educational process at the department is carried out with the use of modern multimedia and computer technology, a sufficient number of visual materials with the active involvement of students in the clinical and scientific work of the department, as well as with the use of innovative approaches to the educational process (online consultations for students, discussion with students of various issues in voice and text chat).

  In the course of educational activities at the department, students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of modern diagnostic equipment that is available at the clinical base. Practical classes are conducted in conditions as close as possible to real ones. Students together with the teachers of the department take part in the clinical examination of patients, the selection and conduct of therapeutic and diagnostic measures in specific clinical cases, participate in clinical reviews, rounds, symposiums, consultations, etc., receiving invaluable clinical and practical experience already at the training stage.

  Special attention in the course of educational activities is paid to the preparation of students for the licensed test exam KROK 1 and KROK 2, which is carried out with the analysis of test tasks of all available databases and test banks, using software specially developed for the Faculty of Medicine, computer classes and multimedia equipment, Internet systems of distance training and knowledge level control, full-time and online counseling by teachers on the preparation for the CRIC throughout the entire period of studying the discipline with an even distribution of the test load on students.

  The methodical work of the department is carried out on an ongoing basis, and its result is a complete methodological support of the disciplines of the department. The methodological materials prepared by the department are available to students in electronic form online, on the servers of the university's internal computer network, as well as in printed form.

  In all disciplines of the department, methodological support packages have been developed and are constantly kept up-to-date, including work programs, calendar and thematic plans, methods for assessing students' knowledge and skills, methodological recommendations for practical classes and for students' independent work, databases of test and situational tasks for the current and final modular control of students' knowledge and skills, lists of control questions and recommended literature, texts and multimedia presentations of lectures, etc.