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Educational and methodical work of the department

    At the department, students of 1-2 courses of pediatrics, medicine, medical proflactics, medical biology, dentistry and folk medicine are trained according to the program of the discipline "histology, cytology and embryology".

    The department trains highly qualified specialists in the direction of the magistracy.

    The training is conducted according to the following approved documents for each course and faculty:

    – Qualification characteristics;

    - State standard;

    - Curriculum;

    - Training work program;

    - Educational technologies include:

    – Changes in accordance with the order of the NRC of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 80;

    - international recommendations;

    – modern educational technologies (graphic organizers, case technology and design method).

    The following technical means are provided in the training process:

    A telecommunication system is organized, thematic videos, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures and practical classes are shown with the help of televisions connected to a central computer. There is a single bank of scanned images designed for unified learning, structured in accordance with the curriculum, and corresponding to all sections of the curriculum.

    Library of the department:

  • The library has more than 200 titles of educational literature in English, Uzbek and Russian.
  • The electronic library contains textbooks, atlases, textbooks, teaching aids and much more.

    Monocular, binocular, trinocular light microscopes and video cameras are provided for the study of histological preparations of tissues and organs of the subject and their study on electronic boards. To obtain morphological and morphometric data, there is a special eye type and the Garyaev type.

    For students participating in the student scientific society, there are special instructions and recommendations showing the technology of manufacturing lobaratoriums, histological instruments, histological dyes and histological preparations.