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International cooperative relations


  The internationalist tasks of the Samarkand State Medical University are based on the concept of the development of the institute and directed to strengthen its place in the world of international education. The main advantages of internationalization are increasing the number of students from abroad, developing joint projects with foreign higher educational institutions and research centers, increasing the number of researchers and teachers teaching in foreign educational institutions, and increasing the number of joint programs with foreign higher educational institutions that make it possible to issue two diplomas is increasing.

  Samarkand State Medical University develops relations with more than 60 state and international organizations, foreign universities and scientific research centers with the participants of international cooperation in the field of education and science based on the essence of equality. The development of cooperation dialogues with European, Asian, North American and CIS universities is based on joint programs and educational mobility. Every year, the number of highly qualified specialists, professors, students and researchers from abroad who visit SamSMU in order to establish cooperation dialogues, study, improve their skills, participate in scientific conferences is increasing. SamSMU is ready to establish contacts with educational and science centers, universities, and public organizations around the world, and the doors of the university are open to all foreign applicants, students,

  Geography of cooperation: The Department of Phthisiology has communication and cooperation relations with more than 10 higher educational institutions and scientific research centers in near and far foreign countries:

  Department of Phthisiology of Samarkand State Medical University has cooperation with the leading scientific institutions of Uzbekistan and the world: these are the departments of phthisiology of the Tashkent Medical Academy, Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Yaroslavl State Medical University of the Russian Federation, Astrakhan State Medical University, Tajikistan State Medical University, Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Specialized Phthisia and Pulmonology, Scientific and Practical Center of the Republic of Belarus "Mother and Child" , Tver State Medical University and others.

  Every year at the Department of Phthisiology, he regularly organized international webinars, roundtable discussions with the participation of foreign leading scientists in purpose to discussing on current problems of phthisiology and pulmonology. For example with Head of the Department of Physiology of Yaroslavl State Medical University in Russian Federation DSc, professor Chelnokova O.G. webinar named "Interesting Aspects of Latent Tuberculosis Infection" was at April 2022. Roundtable discuss about "Actual problems of tuberculosis and Covid-19" with the participation of Scientific Secretary of the Scientific and Practical Center "Mother and Child" of the Republic of Belarus PhD Gorbach L.A. were organized in May 2021. With the Smolensk Medical University departments of phthisiology and pharmacology, we discuss actual problems of drug resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis and ways of it overcoming. Online webinar on the topic "Bleeding from the lungs in phthisiology: the main causes and methods of treatment" held with the participation of professor Aseev A.V., DSc, head of the department of phthisiology of Tver State Medical University, was organized for doctors and students of Samarkand SMU.