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The international cooperation

  One of the current priorities of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 4 is to strengthen international education based on the development of international relations of the department. Head of the Department Ismailov Zh.A. scientific projects are being implemented in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Cardiovascular Diseases of the Tebriz University of Medical Sciences of Iran. Ismailov Zh.A. within the framework of academic mobility, an 18-hour internship was organized jointly with the staff of the Department of Hospital Therapy of the Saratov State Medical University.

  The main advantages of internationalization are an increase in the number of teachers from abroad on the basis of an academic exchange program, the development of joint projects with higher educational institutions and research centers of foreign countries, an increase in the number of researchers and teachers who have improved their qualifications in foreign educational institutions. institutions. Republican and foreign foundations, including the Talent Foundation of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Erasmus+, GIZ, TIKA, JICA, KOICA, KOFIH and other international organizations and educational foundations, to increase the scientific potential of the faculty of the department, research is being conducted to ensure participation in competitions.

  Professors and teachers of the department regularly participate in international and local scientific and practical conferences, have more than 50 certificates. Teachers Mamurova N.N. and Zakiryaeva P.O. An international online conference on the topic "Liver failure" was organized by Dr. Mir.

  Kholzhigitova is headed by M.B., and the staff of the department V.I. The webinars and classes were organized as part of the international academic mobility with the Saratov Medical University. Razumovsky.