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History of the department

  The team of teachers of the Department of hospital therapy for 85 years of existence of the Samarkand Medical Institute, conducts a lot of fruitful work on training, educating personnel, providing medical care to the population of Samarkand, some other areas, developing a number of scientific problems, a lot of public work at the institute, the region.

  The founder, organizer and head of the department was Nikolai Ivanovich Kornetov. Over the years, increased clinical base of the Department, its equipment , and most importantly, its frames (U. K. Vakhabova , B. H. Hamzaliev , B. R. Rustamov, V. I. Garkusha, O. A. Lagutin, N. M.Mukharlyamov and Aralov.N.R.).

  During the work at the Department, many assistants, assistant professors defended his doctoral dissertation (Kornetov N. N., Jalalov, A. D., B. R. Rustamov, dzhalalova V. A. Sattarov and R. R. Aralov N. R.)

  The department always focuses on the issues of regional pathology. From the date of its formation (1933) to the present time, it is not possible to give a detailed overview of all the multifaceted activities of the department, and therefore we limit ourselves to considering the main cases in the educational, scientific, therapeutic, educational directions, during the period of the head of the department, prof N. And Kornetov, prof.A. S. Mnushkin, prof. V. Yu. Joffe, prof. A.D. Jalalov and the author of these lines V. A. Jalalova.

  From 1933-1944, the department was located on the basis of the clinical hospital of SamMI named after F. Khodzhayev, with a fund of 80 hospital beds, of which 20 were allocated for tropical diseases: malaria, leishmaniasis, papatachi.

  Russian Russian scientists ( M. P. Konchalovsky, M. Ya.Yarotsky) and a large galaxy of Russian medical scientists who came in connection with the organization and the beginning of the work of the SamMI had an impact on the organization of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, in particular, the formation of the Department of Hospital Therapy with their worldview , consultations and work style.

  N. R. Aralov was appointed head of the Department of Therapy No. 4 and Hematology. On November 3, 1994, at the specialized therapeutic Council of SamMI, at the Higher Attestation Commission, the defense of N. R. Aralov's dissertation was held on the topic: "Clinical and immunological status in infectious and allergic bronchial asthma in residents of Uzbekistan and the possibility of immunocorrection of detected disorders with T-activin". Since 1995, N. R. Aralov has been a candidate of Medical Sciences, in the specialty: 14.00.05-Internal diseases, and 14.00.36-Allergology and immunology. On September 5, 2005, at the specialized Council of the Research Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmonology under the Higher Attestation Commission, N. R. Aralov defended his dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the topic: "Immunogenetic mechanisms in the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases in tobacco growers and improving their treatment methods". Since 2006, N. R. Aralov has been a Doctor of Medical Sciences in the specialty: 14.00.43-Pulmonology and 14.00.36-Allergology and immunology. On the basis of new pedagogical and information and communication approaches, N. R. Aralov has developed many teaching aids, methodological recommendations, text and multimedia lectures on the subject of "Internal diseases" and "Clinical allergology and pulmonology".The topic of the dissertation for the PhD degree on the topic:"Clinical and immunological justification and effectiveness of immunomodulatory therapy in chronic obstructive bronchitis", specialty 14.00.05-Internal diseases. Under his leadership, M. B. Kholzhigitova successfully defended her work.4 more topics were approved under his leadership: Assistant Okboev T. A. "zZbek populatiyasida determinatiyalashgan oilaviy bronchial asthma rivozhlanishining clinic-geneticist aspect", assistant Makhmatmuradova N. N." Optimization of diagnosis of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia based on immunological biomarkers", Ibadova O. A. assistant of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 3 and Endocrinology," Clinical and immunological predictors and their role in the progression of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia", assistant Zakiryaeva P. A."An immunologically mediated treatment regimen for patients with nonspecific interstitial pneumonia".