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Research work

  In 2020, M. B. Kholjigitova defended her PhD thesis on the topic "Clinical and immunological justification and effectiveness of immunomodulatory therapy in chronic obstructive bronchitis".

  Assistants Makhmatmuradova N. N., Zakiryaeva P. O., Okboev T. A., Nosirova D. E. conduct research work on the defense of a PhD thesis.The faculty of the department has published more than 100 scientific papers in local and international publications, 4 articles in journals with an impact factor indexed in the database (Scopus, Web of Science), 10 acts of implementation. Employees of the department regularly participate in international and local scientific and practical conferences, have more than 50 certificates of participation.From the side of assistants Mamurova N. N. and Zakiryaeva P. O. an international online conference was organized with the participation of Dr. Mir on the topic “Hepatic insufficiency”.

  M. B. Kholzhigitova, and the staff of the Department of the Saratov Medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky, webinars and classes were organized within the framework of international academic mobility.

  Over the past 5 years, the staff of the department has published more than 200 scientific papers, including 6 textbooks, 3 monographs, 6 electronic programs, more than 100 articles in leading domestic and foreign journals.

Teaching aids published by the staff of the department

The authors



Agababyan I.R.

Ismailov J.A.

Yuldashev S.J.

Klinik famakologiya


Ziyadullayev Sh.X.

Agababyan I.R.

Ismailov J.A.

Nafas olish tizimi kasallikalri


Agababyan I.R.,

Ziyadullayev Sh.X., Ismailov J.A.,

Djabbarova N.M.

Surunkali buyrak kasalliklari


Агабабян И.Р., Исмаилов Ж.А., Кобилова Н.А., Исмоилов Р.М.

Нарушения ритма и проводимости


Xoljigitova M.B.

Mamurova N.N.

Maxmatmuradova N.N.

Zakiryayeva P.O.

Nosirova D.E.

O’pkа kаsаlliklаri bilan bemorlarni olib borish asoslari


Dusanov A.D.,

Xoljigitova M.B.,

Safarova M.P.,

Yuldasheva D.A.,

Okboyev T.A.

Jigarning surunkali kasalliklari