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History of the department

    The department of otorhinolaryngology began in 1930, when Samarkand State University, which included the faculty of medicine, was founded. In February 1931, the department of otorhinolaryngology was created at the ENT department of the Samarkand Republican Hospital.

    The founder and the first head of the department was Professor A.V.Savelyev. He successfully and fruitfully combined the positions of dean of the medical faculty and academic secretary. In 1935, the faculty was turned into Samarkand Medical Institute and created at it ENT clinic was the center of specialized emergency medical care.

    During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) the department of otorhinolaryngology was headed by professor V.I. Voyachek as the Military Medical Academy was evacuated from Leningrad to Samarkand. After his return to Leningrad, the department was again headed by Professor A. V. Savelyev. Two Ph.D. theses were written under his supervision (S.K. Chengeri, M.V. Kachurova).

    In 1950, A. V. Saveliev was invited to Kursk Medical Institute. After him the following professors headed the department: Associate professor S.K. Chengeri (1950-1951 and 1956-1965), Professor M.S. Lurie (1951-1956), R.V. Sadrieva (1965-1970), V.A. Gorchakov (1970-1986).

    In 1986 Professor T.H. Nasretdinov became the head of the department. Great attention was paid to the development of otorhinolaryngological service in the rural areas and advanced training of specialists.

    In 1995 the department was divided into two: the department of otorhinolaryngology of the pediatric faculty and the course of refresher course, which was headed by the honored scientist, professor A.I.Muminov, and the department of medical faculty, the head of the department was professor T.H.Nasretdinov.

    Since 2002 the department was headed by doctor of medical sciences, professor Lutfullaev U.L. The department of otorhinolaryngology for students of V-VII years was headed by Professor T.H. Nasretdinov. In 2009-2010 the chair was headed by Dr. Karabaev H.E.

    From 2010 to the present, the department is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Nilufar Zhurakulovna Khushvakova. From March 1, 2021 the department became known as the department of Otorhinolaryngology No. 1. Currently, 1 Doctor of Sciences and 4 candidates of Medical Sciences work at the department.

    Professor Khushvakova N.Zh. - Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, doctor of the highest category, one of the leading otorhinolaryngologists of Uzbekistan with more than 24 years of experience, owns almost all modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of ENT organs. He has extensive experience in performing reconstructive surgical interventions in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, larynx and ear. He is also a member of the Eurasian Assembly of Otorhinolaryngologists, an honorary member of the Azerbaijan Otorhinolaryngology Society (AOS) and Central and West Asian ORL HNS Association (CASOS).

    Khushvakova Nilufar Zhurakulovna took advanced training courses abroad, in particular in Korea, Seoul (2013), Russia (St. Petersburg, 2010, Omsk 2014, Moscow 2015, 2017), Kazakhstan 2014, 2016, 2019).

    In 2018, she underwent advanced training at the Scientific and Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology of the Federal State Budgetary Institution in Moscow according to the cycle "Endoscopic diagnostics and surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses".

    Under the guidance and direct participation of the head of the department Professor N.Khushvakova, introduced new high-tech operations: endoscopic rhinosinus surgery, FESS, organ-preserving and functionally sparing oto - and laryngosurgery, laser technology, in treating various pathologies of ENT organs, objective diagnostic methods of hearing disorders, molecular-genetic studies of hereditary hearing loss, treatment of various forms of hearing loss, use of cellular technology in otorhinolaryngology and others. Every year the department of otorhinolaryngology №1 at Samarkand State Medical University holds national and international webinars, seminars and conferences. Employees of the department actively participate in CIS and world congresses on topical problems of otorhinolaryngology.

    In 2019, the department of otorhinolaryngology organized and successfully held VI Eurasian Assembly of Otorhinolaryngologists.

    In 2022, the department of otorhinolaryngology №1 of SamSMU organized and successfully held an international conference "Modern technologies of diagnosis and treatment in otorhinolaryngology" with the participation of Italian and other foreign colleagues.