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Research work of the department

    The department of otorhinolaryngology always takes an active part in organizing and conducting socio-cultural, educational, methodological and scientific events at the Institute.

    Over the past 5 years, the staff of the department has published more than 350 scientific papers, prepared more than 21 methodological and training manuals for students and doctors on various issues of specialization, successfully developing relevant scientific areas:


  •  "Emergency care in otorhinolaryngology";
  •  "Ear diseases";
  •  Terms of otorhinolaryngology;
  •  Practical skills in otorhinolaryngology;
  •  Acute infectious rhinitis;
  •  Conservative treatment of exudative frontitis;
  •  Prevention of hereditary forms of hearing loss in children;
  •  The effectiveness of ozone in the treatment and prevention of complications of purulent otitis in patients with blood diseases;
  •  Pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of acute purulent otitis media in patients with blood diseases;
  •  Improving the effectiveness of molecular genetic analysis-diagnostics of acquired hearing loss;
  •  Algorithm of diagnosis and treatment of patients with acquired hearing loss;
  •  Physiology of sensory systems;
  •  Use of a modified repositional maneuver in patients with safe paroxysmal positional vertigo;
  •  diagnostic criteria of examined patients with vestibular disorders;
  •  Application of functional computer stabilometry in patients with central cochleovestibular diseases;


  • Clinical, molecular and genetic features of nonsyndromic sensorineural hearing loss in children;
  • Clinic and treatment of purulent otitis media in patients with blood diseases;
  • voice violation;
  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation of peripheral and central cochleovestibular diseases.
  • Molecular genetic diagnosis of acquired sensorineural hearing loss
  • Textbooks:
  • "Otorhinolaryngology" in Uzbek and Russian.

    Over the past 6 years, 3 candidate's and 3 doctoral dissertations have been defended at the department. The following dissertation research is currently being conducted:

  • Naimova Z.S. "Clinical efficacy of metabolic therapy in the complex treatment of sensorineural hearing loss".
  • Khamrakulova N.O. "Improvement of the conservative method of treatment in patients with chronic purulent otitis media in the postoperative period".
  • Iskhakova F.Sh. "Improving the diagnosis and treatment of patients with allergic rhinitis (Molecular genetic analysis)".
  • Isakova Yu.N. "Clinical and audiological features in patients with chronic purulent otitis media before and after surgical treatment".
  • Ulashov Sh.M. "Improvement of diagnostics and complex treatment of rhinosinusogenic orbital complications in children".
  • Bakiev Sh.Sh. "Improvement of complex conservative treatment of recurrent chronic rhinosinusitis".
  • Ruzikulova N.R. "Improvement of conservative treatment and development of prognostic criteria for chronic purulent otitis media in children",
  • Kurbanov E.H. "Improvement of diagnosis and treatment of polypous rhinosinusitis".