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History of the department

  It was first founded in 1985 at the Department of Hematology under the name "Hematology and Laboratory". There were 3 classrooms and one laboratory. The clinical base of the course consists of a hematology department with 30 beds and a polyclinic in Samarkand region No. 1. In 1988 the course of hematology was transferred from the 1st floor of the regional hospital No. 7 to the hematology department with 60 beds. During this time, he underwent training in hematology and laboratory for 14 days. Associate professor Rasulov A.M., assistant to the chief hematologist of the region Dadajanov D.U., Navikova E.P., In 1987 he graduated from the course of hematology. Associate Professor D.U. Dadajanov, Abdiev K.M., clinical residents A.G. Madasheva, F.Kh. Mamatkulova, M.Sh. Fazliev.

  The cycle is intended for 6th year students of pediatric and medical faculties. By order of B.O. Sobirov's course was transformed into the Department of Hematology. In 2005 he was appointed head of the regional department of blood transfusion. He was transferred to the Department of Hematology. Regional multidisciplinary medical center №1, department of hematology, created and transferred to the course. Fazliev M.Sh. resigned as director of the city medical college.

  This time Associate Professor Dadajanov D.U., assistants Abdiev K.M., A.G. Madasheva F.Kh. Mamatkulov continued to work. In connection with non-observance of the sanitary and hygienic rules of classrooms, a hematology department with 15 beds was created, transferred from the 1st department of internal diseases of the 1st polyclinic of SamMI. There he continued his teaching career until December 2020. Studied at the Faculty of Hematology, Pediatrics, Curative Pedagogy, Medical Prophylaxis for 3-4 year students and third year foreign students.

  At present, on the initiative of the rector of SamMi, professor Zh.A. Rizaev, the department has been reorganized and transformed into the hematology department of the 1st Regional United Medical Center. associate professor D.O. Dadajanov, Ph.D. Associate professor Abdiev K.M., senior teacher Madasheva A.G., assistant Mamatkulova F.Kh., assistants Ruziboeva O.N., Uralov R.Sh., part-timers Iigitov A.O., Shomirzaev H.M.

  On July 30, 2021, head of the department, associate professor Dadajanov U.D. died of illness.

  Since August 26, 2021, Makhmonov Lutfulla Saidullaevich has been appointed head of the department.

  Currently, 3th year students study hematology and military therapy, 4rd year students study hematology, and foreign students study hematology in English.