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Science club

  Scientific and research work of students at the "Hematology" department, organization of meetings of the scientific circle of students called "Young spiritualists", special events within the framework of scientific and practical conferences of international and republican students held at Samarkand State Medical University. is carried out by holding meetings. Students prepare research papers on current problems of socio-humanitarian knowledge, philosophical, methodological and bioethical problems of modern medicine for republican competitions of research works.

  All students interested in the problems of hematology of medical knowledge and activities, the department, encouraging the achievements of the members of the club, call for cooperation.

  Temirov Nuriddin Najmeddinovich, the head teacher responsible for the activities of the club, is currently the coordinator of the Hematology Center and the assistant of the Department of Hematology of SamMU, as well as the author of more than 10 scientific articles.

  In the 2022-2023 academic year, 17 students were admitted to the T.I.J. organized at the Department of Hematology, and all of them participate in scientific research.

  All department employees closely support students in conducting scientific research.

  The members of T.I.J actively participate in the international Olympiads organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Commonwealth countries, and have been taking prizes.

  T.I.J. members published scientific articles and scientific lectures for the 76th scientific conference of talented students and masters of SamMU. Under the guidance of the teachers of our department, several students participated in scientific conferences and published their scientific works.