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Spiritual and educational works of the department

  Caring for the young generation, striving to educate a healthy, well-rounded person is one of the characteristics of the national character of the Uzbek people. Therefore, spiritual and educational work is the most important direction of the activity of the Department of Social and Humanities. In the department, spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan. This work is coordinated and organized by the responsible teacher Mustafoyev Z. M.

  In the department, professors and teachers conduct work among students:

  • They introduce the works and speeches of the President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, the decrees and decisions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as spiritual and educational work in order to raise a mature generation, increase and improve the general human, national and spiritual worldview qualities of young people. leads to:
  • successful implementation and development of creative reforms in the republic;
  • formation of a healthy lifestyle philosophy among students;
  • increase political and legal culture among students;
  • timely delivery of information to students about social, political and creative events happening in the world and in the country;
  • formation of a healthy spiritual environment among students;
  • organization of free time of students in accordance with the direction and specialization of the educational institution, organization of various clubs;
  •   By the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on March 19, 2019, to increase attention to youth, to widely involve the young generation in culture, art, physical education and sports, to form their skills in the correct use of information technologies, youth education 5 important initiatives put forward at the meeting of the video selector dedicated to the issues of promoting reading and ensuring women's employment were carried out on the basis of the department's master plan.

      Associate professors and assistants of the department regularly familiarized the students with works, speeches of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoev, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and materials of sessions of the Oliy Majlis, the contents and essence of the adopted Laws.

      In order to raise the morale of young people, to organize systematic work on the widespread promotion of reading among them, in order to make students spend their free time more meaningfully, holding round talks under the slogan "We are the heirs of great scholars" and "The best A creative meeting with writers and poets was held at TTJ No. 3 on the basis of the nominations "artistic work" and "Best Poet". Roundtable discussions were held on the topic "Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Council of National Independence and Development".

      Students of the faculty were regularly involved in the sports clubs of the institute "Student" sports club. June 26 - In connection with the International Anti-Drug Day, "Drug addiction plague", "Prevention of drug addiction and drug crime among the population", "Drug addiction is a serious disease", "Drug addiction and modern youth", events were held in the information hours of the department. . In order to educate young people who have strong beliefs and views, who are able to resist spiritual threats and external influences, the department held events on the topic "Factors of forming immunity against spiritual threats" went Roundtable discussions and seminars were held in the department on topics such as "Corruption - the link with society" to promote the "Fight against Corruption" among its professors and students.

      In the Department of Human Anatomy of SamMU, spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan.

    Organization of the department's full implementation of the decrees, decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, decisions and orders of the Council of Ministers in the spiritual and educational sphere.

    Clips from the event held by the Department of Anatomy at the 3rd TTJ under the slogan "We are the heirs of great scientists" and the "Best Art Work" and "Best Poet" topics.