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Scientific circle

  Scientific-research activities of students at the "Human Anatomy" department, organization of meetings of the student scientific circle called "Young Anatomists", a separate branch within the scientific-practical conferences of international and republican students held at Samarkand State Medical University is carried out by holding meetings. Students prepare research papers on current problems of socio-humanitarian knowledge, philosophical, methodological and bioethical problems of modern medicine for the republican contests of research works

  All students who are interested in the socio-humanitarian problems of medical knowledge and activity, the department calls for cooperation, encouraging the achievements of the members of the club.

  The head teacher responsible for the activity of the club is Quvandikov Ghalib Berdirasulovich, today he is an intern-assistant and the author of more than 25 scientific works.

  Captain of the junior course: Yolgashov Farrukh, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Medicine, author and co-author of 14 scientific articles, winner of the 3rd level diploma of the International Olympiad in "Human Anatomy" held at SamMU, Rector's scholarship the owner

  Captain of the senior year: Sakhboz Akhmadjonovich Sultanboyev, 4th-year student of the faculty of medicine and pedagogy, author and co-author of 42 scientific articles, holder of the 1st degree diploma of the international Olympiad in "Human anatomy" held at SamMU, rector holder of a scholarship. 15 diplomas, 20 certificates, 4 honors, 2 letters of thanks, laureate of "rector's scholarship" and "Islam Karimov" scholarships.