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Science club

  "1- internal in the Department of Diseases of students scientific research works " Future" Therapists . " named students scientific circle meetings organize , Samarkand _ State medicine at the university being past international and republic of students scientific and practical conferences within separately meetings transfer through done is increased . Students scientific research of work republic selections for internal diseases of knowledge current problems , modern of medicine modern approaches according to research their work they prepare

  Internal diseasesof knowledge current problems , modern of medicine modern by approaches , to the department interested all students , circle of members achievements encouraged without , to cooperation they call

  Circle activity for in charge leader teacher Toshnazarova Rare Shukhratilloevna , today in the dayone how many i lmiy of work the author .

  Telegram social circle in the network group :

  of the circle my instagram page .

  Circle captain : Fazliddinov Janobeddin , 3 courses treatment work faculty student, one how manyscientific article and of theses the author and co- author

  1st Department of Internal Medicine " Future " . in the circle of therapists today's more than 15 per day students participating they are coming TIJ members chair assistants attached they are _ in the middle teacher students good formed .

  In the department conducted in meetings teachers by scientific research their work selection , scientific research in the process necessary has been primary documents collect them _ note to do , to conduct about concepts giving to go equal to of students oratory ability development in order to own scientific to work circle in subjects presentations theirs _ _ analysis even take is going

  Department manager and in charge by SamDTU talented to students attached chair employees scientific the work topics formed being students scientific works according to theses , articles prepared I'm not going . TIJ members until now conducted local , international Olympiads , conferences participating positive results showing are coming

  From this except for the members of the 1st Department of Internal Medicine together International and in the possession of the Republic OAC scientific members of TIJ in magazines and to them appointed scientific leaders by articles writing I can't go .