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Research work of the department

Head of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics T.F.Mamatkulov Oybek Holikovich Republic of Korea participation in the conference in Seoul.(2018).

  Inventions, patents.

1. Stretch for the treatment of joint dysplasia of the hip joints and pelvic bones in children. (Patent). (Authors: Akhtamov A.A., Akhtamov A.A., Juraev I.G.)

2. Method for strengthening the spine in case of fractures of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. (Patent) (Authors: Pardaev S.N., Narkulov M. S., Karshibaev A.Y., Meliboev S.T.)

3. Program for diagnosis and treatment of pelvic bone dysplasia in adolescents. (Certificate) (Authors: Ashirov M.U., Kayumov Sh. Kh., Muradov U.K., Kuvvatov D.Kh., Usmanov O.A.)

4. "Equipment for taking x-ray images in case of suspected damage to the tibial syndesmosis with load" (Rational proposal) (Authors: Ashirov M.U., Urinboev P. Y., Salokhiy O. I., Khasanov M. E., Mizrapov F.A.)