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Research work of the department

  This year, the staff of the department conducted research on the main scientific problem "Scientific foundations for the health of women, mothers and children", "Protection of the health of the reproductive organs", "Diagnosis and treatment of malformations of the genital organs". In September, 12 teachers took part in the scientific work, including 1 head of the department, MD. professors, 2 associate professors, 10 assistants, 17 clinical rectors and 17 masters. 2 of them graduated with a master's degree. This year, 5 masters and 17 clinical residents were accepted for 1 course.

  In the 2021 academic year, starting in September, the department was divided into two bases. The bases are located in 3 maternity complexes and the regional Perinatal Center.

  In total, 62 scientific articles, abstracts of reports and methodological recommendations were published in the 2021-22 academic years. Of these, 3 in foreign countries, 3 in the CIS countries, 46 in republican conferences, 6 computer programs, 1 monograph, 1 textbook. Articles are published in 5 scientific journals of the Scopus database. On average, there are 5 articles per assistant.

  In May, Amonov Akmal, a 6th year student of the Faculty of Pediatrics, won first place in the scientific Olympiad of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the direction of Obstetrics and Gynecology.