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Research work of the department

  The main goal of the scientific research work of the department is to promote the professional growth and intensification of social activity of young scientists and specialists, to consolidate their efforts in solving priority scientific problems for the university, to develop the innovative activities of young scientists and specialists, to effectively promote the achievements of science by young scientists and specialists, to attract young people to scientific research, as well as protecting the interests of young scientists.Сотрудники кафедры активно участвуют в научно-исследовательской работе.

  Currently, 4 employees are independent researchers (Ashurova M.Zh., Goibova N.S., Toraeva D.Kh., Kholmurаdova Z.E.).

  Over the past 5 years, the department has published more than 200 scientific papers, including 8 textbooks, 3 monographs, 5 electronic programs, more than 100 articles in domestic and foreign journals.

  The department has published more than 20 guidelines, manuals.

  The department takes part in scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums, advanced training courses, academic mobility programs, master classes organized in our republic and abroad.

  The department also regularly participates in scientific and practical conferences and seminars to assist practical health care.

 Textbooks published by the staff of the department

The authors

Title of the tutorial


Rasulov S.K.

Iron metabolism and deficiency in children


Rasulov S.K.

Healthy child


Garifulina L.M.

Pediatric gastroenterology


Garifulina L.M.,

Kudratova G.N.

Kholmuradova Z.E.

Systemic connective tissue diseases in children and adolescents


Garifulina L.M.,

Turaeva D.Kh.

Pediatric pulmonology


Garifulina L.M., Kudratova G.N., Kholmuradova Z.E., Turaeva D.Kh.

Pediatric cardiology 1 and 2 volume


Garifulina L.M., Ashurova M.Zh.

Goyibova N.S.

Turaeva D.Kh

Nursing work in pediatric practice


Garifulina L.M.

Common somatic diseases in children

Monographs published by the staff of the department

The authors

Title of published monograph


Bobomuratov T.A., Rasulov S.K.,

Juraeva Z.A.,

Sharipova D.Zh.

Medical and social protection of motherhood and childhood

Micronutrient Deficiency: Nutritional Support and Prevention


Garifulina L.M.

Pathology of purine metabolism in acute pneumonia in young children.


Ishkabulova G.Zh.,

Kudratova G.N., Khaidarova H.R.

Membranoreparative function of the kidneys in newborns.