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History of the department

  The Department of Children's Diseases of the Medical Faculty of the Samarkand State Medical Institute was established in 1933, among the first departments of the institute, on the basis of the Department of Children's Diseases at the SamMI clinic. Later, a number of other departments were separated from this department. In the year of establishment of the department, experienced doctors first V.A. Razlovsky, later A.N. Kiselev and G. Yu. Barevich led. From 1935 to 1950, the department was headed by Professor A.N. Directed by Ivanov. Professor A.N. Under the leadership of Ivanov, the condition of peripheral blood in children and the formation of blood in the bone marrow were studied as a scientific problem. Under his leadership in 1937 O.A. Summarizing Korneteva's blood transfusion experience, in 1944 V.I. Hoffman completed his scientific work on the differential diagnostic value of lymphocytes, meningitis and spinal fluid changes in this disease. Professor at the Department of Children's Diseases. B.H. Karakhojaev was the leader twice. The first time in 1950-1954, the second time in 1958-1977. Docent M.A. From 1954 to 1957, Mirzamukhammedov was the head of the Department of Children's Diseases. B.H. Karakhodzhaev expressed changes in carbohydrate and pigment metabolism in children with malaria. Under his guidance, 14 people defended their dissertations for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. Scientific research was carried out mainly in two directions: changes in children with rheumatism; chronic feeding disorder in children

  Since 1977, H.M. Mamatkulov was the director. Under his leadership, 11 candidate's theses for the degree of candidate of medical sciences and 2 doctor's theses were defended. Prof. Since H.Mamatkulov was appointed as the head of the department of pediatrics of the faculty, he became the head of the department of children's diseases of the medical faculty in 1988, associate professor S.K. Abdurakhmanova was elected. In 1994, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Prevalence, clinical geneology and biochemical characteristics of nephropathy in young children", and in 1995 he was awarded the scientific title of professor. He has published 77 scientific articles, 1 monograph ("Dysmetabolic nephropathy in children"), and received patents for 3 inventions.In the same department Abdullaeva M.N. In 1992, Professor Shabalov N.P. and Professor Mamatkulov H.M. defended his doctoral thesis under the guidance of "Aktivnost' proteoliticheskikh sistem krovi etkozonodov immunokompleksnih mechanizov i ix koreksiya pri ostroy pneumonii u detey rannego vozrasta" topic. In 1995, until today, he is working as the head of the newly established department of neonatology.

  From 2000 to 2004, the department joined the Department of Children's Diseases No. 1 as a children's course (the head of the department is Prof. Mamatkulov H.M.) From June 2004, the Faculty of Special Treatment began to function as the Department of Children's Diseases, and the head was Ph.D. Professor Bobomuratov T.A. was elected. Bobomuratov T.A. In 1987, he graduated from the Faculty of Pediatrics of SamTI. Professor H.M. In 1994, under the guidance of Mamatkulov, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Application of regional lymphatic therapy and narrow-spectrum infrared rays in the complex treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases of young children."

  From September 3, 2009, a course on children's diseases of the Faculty of Medicine was organized within the Department of Pediatrics. As the head of the course, Ph.D. Rasulov S.K. appointed.

  Associate Professor Garifulina L.M. has been the head of the department since 2014. appointed.