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Faculty of Dentistry

1. Type of education: Bachelor's degree

2. Specialty: 7510400-dental work

3. Qualification: doctor - general dentist.

4. Study period: 5 years

5. Form of education: Full-time

6. Language of education: Uzbek, Russian

7. Faculty qualifications: 5510400 - The professional activity of undergraduates in the field of dentistry includes:

  To improve the quality of the methods of dental care and dispensary monitoring, solving the main problems of patients' medical problems, using modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases in the institutions of the health care system, state and non-state enterprises, organizations, state administration bodies. solving complex problems, developing dentistry.

  Participation in scientific research works at the Academy of Sciences and scientific research centers, scientific and industrial associations, in the preparation of programs, standards, scientific articles, theses, scientific research works, regulatory documents, references, reports related to the health care system includes reaching; Types of professional activity include medical-prophylactic, rapid and urgent medical care, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, medical-social, organizational-management, scientific research. After passing the pedagogical retraining in the field of bachelor's education, he can teach special subjects in secondary specialized and vocational educational institutions. He can continue his studies at the master's degree and clinical residency in stomatology. It is also possible to conduct scientific research as an independent researcher in the established order.