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Educational and educational-methodical works of the faculty

  Today, the faculty includes 6 departments:

1. Department of Orthopedic Dentistry (head of department A.B. Norbo'taev);

2. Department of Therapeutic Dentistry (Head of Department T. E. Zoyirov)

3. Department of Children's Dentistry (Head of Department R. A. Rakhimberdiev);

4. Department of maxillofacial surgery (head of the department U. B. Gafarov).

5. Department of Otorhinolaryngology (head of department N. J. Khushvaktova)

6. Department of oral cavity surgery and dental implantology (head of department A. I. Khazratov)

  Faculty students study in departments, clinical bases of the institute, Samarkand city and regional dental polyclinics, children's polyclinics, maxillofacial surgery department of the city medical association. Departments use modern devices and equipment in the educational process for students to master specialized subjects. This allows for more in-depth study of educational materials. Classrooms, educational laboratories, exhibition halls and auditoriums necessary for carrying out the educational process on the basis of model and working programs, educational plans in the departments, all necessary conditions for the qualified practice of students in clinical bases. there is.

  Students are provided with all the opportunities to use the methodical materials of the institute's electronic education system via the Internet. In particular, the site contains all the information, tests, lectures and e-books related to the educational process for students.