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Spiritual and educational works

  The main directions of spiritual-educational and educational work at the Faculty of Dentistry are: students' self-management, self-employment, support and encouragement of their creative initiatives, popularization of healthy lifestyle and physical culture. consists of The faculty has the following forms that implement the main directions of educational activity: cultural-spiritual, physical, scientific-educational activities according to the students' desires and passions, creative activities of students and teachers through the efficient organization of students' free time. and organization and establishment of scientific associations.

  The organization of these works is carried out by the educational and self-management structures of the deputy dean for work with youth, tutors, the adviser of the dean on women's issues of the faculty. In order to increase the productivity of spiritual-educational and educational work, the principles of individual approach are used, and for this purpose, the faculty has an experienced pedagogue recommended by the department of spiritual-educational affairs of the university and the dean's office. - tutors consisting of teachers have been established. Many events are held at the faculty for the purpose of educational work.