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    Student scientific society

      The participation of students in the work of scientific circles is an integral part of the educational process of the faculty. It employs over 150 students. Research materials are published annually at the conference of young scientists of the university, and the best works are annually submitted to interuniversity scientific conferences, which receive 10-15 prizes. This allows the dean's office to think about postgraduate education, the appointment of personal scholarships for students, the selection of candidates for research work, postgraduate studies, advanced training abroad, and so on.

      On May 20-28, 2020, the Republican Online Olympiad was held among students of higher educational institutions. The Olympiad was attended by students from different universities in different disciplines. According to the results, Ibragimov Sherzod, a student of the medical faculty of the Samarkand State Medical university, took the first place in the subject "English".

    Ibragimov Sherzod, a student of the medical faculty of the Samara State Medical university, took 1st place at the Republican Olympiad in "English"