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Scientific - research works of the faculty

 The staff of the departments of the Faculty of Medicine №1 are actively involved in research work. The scientific and technical level of research is at a high methodological and modern level.

  Research work on the topic "Maternal and Child Health" plays an important role in the development of medical science of the faculty. At the same time, taking into account the regional specifics, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of women and children are carried out in accordance with the region. The results of the research are applied in practice and lead to an improvement in the quality of treatment and prevention.

  More than 70 teachers of the faculty have improved their qualifications in large foreign centers, many of our teachers have participated in prestigious international conferences with relevant reports. Research by the Faculty's scientists is published in international, national and local publications.

  The participation of students in the work of scientific circles (SSS) is an integral part of the working process of the faculty. 740 students actively participate in the clubs. Their scientific works are annually presented at conferences of young scientists, the best works are sent to interuniversity conferences, and annually 15-20 students of the faculty become the owners of honorary first places in scientific competitions. All diplomas and certificates received by students are then taken into account by the dean's office when applying for study abroad, when entering the institutes of postgraduate education.

Participation in the traditional 75th International Scientific and Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Modern Medicine and Pharmaceutics: New Approaches and Current Research"