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Scientific circle

  The circle of the student scientific society of the department was created in 1979, and to this day the work of the circle continues traditionally by the staff.

  An integral part of the educational process in the activities of the department is the participation of students in the work of the scientific circle. The materials of their research work are regularly published in domestic and foreign literature, every year young scientists give lectures at conferences, win prizes, which allows such students to enter the magistracy upon graduation, and in the subsequent period to doctoral studies and allows you to recommend for internships abroad.

  In particular, in the 2021-2022 academic year of the student scientific society "Young Pediatricians" at the department, 22 undergraduate students (of which 4 from foreign faculties in the direction of MBBS), 4 residents of the magistracy were admitted as members, and all of them actively participate in club meetings, held at the department. Each student is attached to the teachers of the department in their specialty and conducts scientific research in accordance with the teacher-student tradition.

  The leaders of the student scientific society, associate professor Lim M.V., assistant Kardyavova G.A. meetings were held every Saturday of the week under his leadership, and a total of 22 meetings of the scientific circle were held over the past period. Students who are members of the scientific club were informed about the procedure for conducting scientific research, collecting primary documents, recording and maintaining them. Master classes were held on the preparation of

  Also, the participants of the circle enriched their practical knowledge by examining patients in the 1st and 2nd children's departments of the Samarkand city branch of the Research Center for Emergency Medical Care.

  Groups are formed among students in pulmonology, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, surgical diseases, which are topical areas of pediatrics, scientific research is being carried out. Taking into account the participation of many students of the faculty of international medical education of the university and the interests of local students, the conferences were organized in English, Russian and Uzbek.

  Currently, the number of talented students of our department has reached 50, they have published abstracts and articles in domestic and foreign scientific journals and received certificates in the current academic year, among them 6 foreign articles, 1 domestic article, 21 domestic and 6 foreign abstracts were published.