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Science club

  Each department has organizational structures that support students' creative research, creative ideas and innovative approaches, where students can freely discuss very attractive hypotheses and proposals, express their opinions, debate, They can defend their views not only among themselves, but also in front of teachers. The most surprising thing is that the activity and efficiency of a student scientific circle depend only on the activity and intelligence of its members.

  This structure is also surprising in that it is always full of young, as a rule, non-standard ideas and proposals, where the ideas of the participants can be practically assimilated and belong to them, or can be a guiding star in life.

  The structure is constantly updated - some choose the scientific circle of the department and come, take an active part in its work, while others believe that they got what they wanted. Or they leave because their "student age" is too short.

  Teachers of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities: "Let's work together for this prospect!" Join our circle of creative students, hungry for knowledge and inquisitive!