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Educational and methodical work of the department

  Educational and methodological work in the department is organized in accordance with the educational and methodological documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  According to regulatory documents, while studying oncology, a student of the department gets acquainted with practical clinical aspects, learns to work with equipment, learns research methods, and then meets independently in practice.

  • Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Education (August 29, 1997).
  • National Training Program (29 August 1997).
  • 5510200 State educational standard for "Pediatric work".
  • 5510700 State educational standard for "Higher nursing work".
  • 5511100 State educational standard in the field of "Folk medicine work".
  • Curriculums in the field of "Pediatrics", "Higher Nursing", "Folk Medicine" approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Standard and working programs on topics.
  • Order No. 43 of the rector of SamMI dated September 12, 2013 "On the organization of the educational process in the institute in a modular education system."
  • SamMI Rector's Order No. 951 / U of December 19, 2013 "On organizing the educational process at the institute in the intranet electronic learning system."
  • Statement No. 9 of the Scientific Council of SamMI dated June 15, 2016 "Recommendations for evaluation and control of students' educational activities in the credit-module system of organizing the educational process."
  • Qualifying characteristics;
  • State standard;
  • Curriculum;
  • Educational working program;
  • Amendments based on Order No. 80 of the Republic of Uzbekistan SSV;
  • approved diagnostic standards;
  • international recommendations;
  • modern educational technologies (graphic organizers, case technology and project method).

  Practical classes are held in the department throughout the day. A financial work, seminar discussion, control of student knowledge.
  In order to qualitatively develop practical clinical skills of students, the department is provided with macropreparations and micropreparations . Modern pedagogical technologies are widely used in practical training. Round table, pen in the middle of the table, swarm of bees, brainstorming, crossword, hot potato, circle method, 3x4, cluster, fish skeleton, etc...." The department staff provides students with all the news and modern magazines on the Internet.
  During the academic semester at the department , students must pass an exam to gain practical skills. Over the past years, the staff of the department has developed
1 manual, 7 training manuals and 8 monographs for senior students, masters and clinical residents .

The following technical facilities are available during the training process:

  A telecommunication system has been established, video films on the subject, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures and practical exercises are shown using televisions connected to a central computer. There is a single bank of scanned images designed for unified teaching based on the curriculum and corresponding to all sections of the curriculum .