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    Morally and educational work of the department

      Every thursday day at the university to be to the guide in the department spiritual and educational and educational affairs according to responsible person regularly respectively joined and given topic and data based on, as well as public information media, namely " Uzbekistan " and " Yoshlar " television and radio companies, " The word of the nation", " Uzbekistan voice ", like "Samarkand". Republic and region from newspapers and Uzbekistan Republic High and Medium special education Ministry of Information hour ” from the materials received addition data based on be sad wednesday days chair and myemployees with, thursday days while to the chair study taking students with regularly « Information hour " was held, in which in our country different in the fields done being increased reforms, political and economic events, President Sh.M. Mirziyoev Works, Ministers Court decisions and High Assembly sessions materials, Kabul dressedof laws content and essence with by introducing to go with one in a row foreign countries face giving events about even in detail data given;

      Uzbekistan Republic 31st anniversary of Independence, department history, in the department take going educational, scientific and educational affairs in our republic done being increased reforms as well as « Active investments and social development year » State program expression doer stands prepared;

      State programs purpose and tasks of the program done increase regarding of measures content to students to deliver shown wide funny information-propaganda their work organize reach for the purpose of students with every day practical training from the start before 5 minutes to be held and every thursday day " Information hour propaganda works regularly respectively take went and continue was made.

      Also students with " Life is prosperity sign ", " Prosperity from the heart begins ", " Prosperity there is in the place blessing have ", " Walk wish you well prosperous ", children their physical and spiritual development negative influence pointer from information protection to do about, hereditary born of diseases prevention get about in our country done being increased affairs about and Healthy the child education is ours common our task such as in subjects students with circle conversations passed.

      Students between citizenship position, political and legal education formation for the purpose of " Law and duty what ", " State, duty, right " topics interviews it was passed as a result coaching groups between never how offense situations did not meet;

      Students cultural monuments, historical schools, museums as well to exhibitions trips organized, different in topics, " High spirituality criteria ", " Student 's spiritual appearance ", " Man manners with beautiful ", " Uzbekistan humanity policy ", " International harmony, interfaith tolerance and his importance ", " Our country the future young people in the lake ", " Missionaries who and their purpose what ?", " Missionary and proselytism in khaki you do you know ?", " Religious currents and of sects objectives ", " Healthy belief how to be do you need ?" such as in topics as well national cadres, traditions, traditions, historical and cultural inheritance complete learning on, to students the environment and to nature respect in relation to to be every one of a person duty that to explain viewed, terrorism of their actions destructive consequences reflection delivered videotape demonstration was conducted and film content to students explained " International terrorism : essence and purpose ", " Constitution - justice mirror ", "In foreign countries illegal of work negative consequences and his prevention get ”, “ Man trade what ?", " Health secrets ", " Without drugs life for ", " Early family of construction negative consequences ", " Healthy marriage culture ", " Healthy marriage style in keeping of the family place ", " Ideological immunity andstruggle our society stable development is a pledge ", " Our religion enemies ", " Warning how nice Can I go ?", "If you are ready , you. ..» topics , Master and coaches per day giving " Teachers on the subject "we will frame " , Uzbek to the language State language position given to the day " Mother _ my tongue is my soul my language ", " Attention to lingua such as " attention " . in topics , " Sen dear and you are blessed woman " on the topic " International Wife - girls on the day, May 9 - Memory and framing per day give " Man frame and his memory ", " Family - neighborhood - education ", " Beautiful and unique Uzbekistan ” , 2019 « Active investments and social development year " 2020 " Science and enlightenment and digital the economy development year " " From the neighborhood begins Homeland ", " For one to the child seven next door parents ", " Merdan bright heart ", " Healthy the child education is ours common our task " topicscircle conversations passed .

      Territory population of health strengthening, healthy marriage style to keep wide promote reach on the surface take went works on the surface - Pathological anatomy department from employees Assoc. Jumanov Ziyadulla Eshmamatovich, assistants: Urakov Kuvondik Nematullayevich, Norjigitov Azamat Musokulovich, Bobonazarov Samariddin Daminovich, Rakhmanov Hamza Abdukadirovich Samarkand province Ishtikhan district medicine associations attached: Family in polyclinics, neighborhood in the centers as well in drills organize done prophylactic medical checking graph based on participation reached they came