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Educational and methodical work of the department

  The department is visited by 2-, 3-year students of general medicine, pediatrics, vocational education, 3-course of dentistry and 2-course of magistracy.


  • Khusanov E.U., Mamataliev A.R., Makhramkulov Z.M., Karzhabov Sh.O.,"Functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal organs"
  • Mamataliev A.R., Dekhkanov T.D., Oripov F.S.,"Morphology of the extrahepatic bile ducts and some laboratory animals with and without a gallbladder"

  Training is conducted according to the following approved documents for each course and faculty:

– qualification characteristics;

- State standard;

- Academic plan;

– Educational work program;

– Educational technologies include:

- international recommendations;

- modern educational technologies (graphic organizers, case technology and project method).

- Practical classes are held in the operating room with mannequins and experimental animals.

  During training, the following technical means are available:

  A telecommunications system has been established, and videos, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures and practical exercises are shown on televisions connected to a central computer. There is a single bank of scanned images designed for a single training based on the curriculum and corresponding to all sections of the curriculum.

  Department Library:

  • The library has more than 80 titles of educational literature in English, Uzbek and Russian.
  • The electronic library includes textbooks, atlases, teaching aids, etc.