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International Cooperation Relations

  The internationalist tasks of Samarkand State Medical University are based on the concept of development of the institute, aimed at strengthening its place in the world of international education. The main advantages of internationalization are increasing the number of students from abroad, developing joint projects with foreign higher educational institutions and scientific research centers, increasing the number of researchers and teachers teaching in foreign educational institutions, and increasing the number of joint programs with foreign higher educational institutions that make it possible to issue two diplomas. is increasing.

  Samarkand State Medical University develops relations with more than 60 state and international organizations, foreign universities and scientific research centers with participants of international cooperation in the field of education and science based on the essence of equality. The development of cooperation dialogues with European, Asian and CIS universities is based on joint programs and educational mobility.

  Every year, the number of highly qualified specialists, professors, students and researchers from abroad who visit SamDTU in order to establish cooperation dialogues, study, improve their skills, participate in scientific conferences is increasing.

  SamDTU is ready to establish contacts with educational and science centers, universities, and public organizations around the world, and the doors of the institute are open to all applicants, students, researchers and teachers from abroad.

  Geography of cooperation: the department has communication and cooperation dialogues with more than 10 higher educational institutions and scientific research centers in near and far foreign countries:

• Kazakhstan State Medical University:

• Rezan State Medical University

• Belarusian State Medical University

• Kirov State Medical University

• Tajikistan State Medical University

• Saratov State Medical University