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Research work of the department

  The scientific research work of the department is aimed at studying the problems of dentistry of the young generation.

  All employees of the department are actively participating in the scientific research work of the department and the university. Currently, 6 employees are independent researchers (Saidmurodova J.B., Zubaydullayeva M.A., Shukurov Sh.Sh., Ruzimurodova Z.Sh., Baratova Sh.N., Arzikulova M.Sh.) and 2 employees (Yakubova S.R., Akhrorova M.Sh.) .) is simultaneously studying for the main Ph.D.

  In the last 5 years, more than 300 scientific works have been published by the staff of the department, including 4 textbooks, 2 monographs, 10 electronic programs, more than 100 articles in leading national and international journals.

Study guides published by the department staff


Name of published manual


Kubayev A.S.

Akhrorova M.Sh.

Indiaminova G.N.

Arzikulova M.Sh

Prevention of dental diseases


Akhmedov A.A.

Rahimberdiyev R.A.

Shukurov Sh.Sh.

3 Rizayev J.A.

Rahimberdiyev R.A.

Oblokhlov A.T.

Introduction to Clinical Dentistry