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History of the department

  The Department of Languages of the Samarkand Medical Institute was organized in 1946 and was headed by Assoc. O.K. Schmidt.

  Being an interfaculty department, its main task was to teach Russian, Uzbek and foreign languages to students

  From 1953 to 1982, the head teacher Gorbik Valentina Fedorovna was in charge of the department. In the early 60s, the department was renamed the Department of Languages, which included the teaching of foreign languages. In the late 70s, the department was again divided into 2 departments.

  In 1996, the Department of the Russian Language with the course of the Uzbek language was merged with the Department of Foreign Languages. On January 3, 2005, by order of the rector of the institute A.M. Shamsiev, the department regained the status of independence and was called the department of the Russian language, pedagogy and psychology, and Ph.D. Associate Professor L.T. Razykova.

  From March 15, 2012 To August 26, 2013 The Department Has Been Headed By G.D. Kuldasheva.

  In 2013 The Department Joined With Department Of Foreign Languages And Head Of The Department K.F.N. Safarova U.A.

  In 2015 The Head Of The Department Was Appointed Doc. Babaeva D.Kh.

  In January 2018 The Department Was Divided Into The Department Of "Pedagogy, Psychology, Russian And Uzbek Languages» And The Department Of Languages. Managed Department D.F.N. Doc. Karshibayeva U.D.

  Since August 27, 2019, Department "Pedagogics, Psychology, Russian And Of The Uzbek Languages" Headed Association Professor. L.T. Razykov.

  In 2020, the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Russian and Uzbek Languages was divided into two departments: "Pedagogy and Psychology" and "Uzbek Language and Literature with Russian".

  The Department of Uzbek Language and Literature, with the Russian language, began to function in July 2020.

  Since October 2020, the head of the department is Jamaldinova Shahlo Obloberdievna, candidate of pedagogical sciences PhD.

  The educational process uses a combination of traditional and new teaching methods such as audiovisual. Computer technologies for teaching a foreign language are being introduced into the educational process, which significantly activates the independent work of students.

  The department conducts practical classes with both local and foreign students (MBBS) of all faculties. First-year students of medical, dental, pediatric, preventive medicine, pharmaceutical, faculties of medical biology, clinical psychology and higher nursing study Russian and Uzbek languages at the department for one or two semesters. Employees of the department carry out a lot of educational and methodological work. In 2020, a platform for distance learning for students in two languages was created.

  Video lectures on all topics have been prepared. The department constantly works with gifted students, the results of which are reflected in scientific papers published in republican and international conferences, where students deservedly receive diplomas and certificates every year.

  Foreign students study Russian and Uzbek languages at this department. Foreign students study Russian for everyday communication, as well as scientific and professional communication of the future doctor.