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Science club

  A student scientific society has been organised in the chair. Currently, the chair consists of 15 students from the 3rd and 4th years of the Faculty of Dentistry of Tizhg. The responsible assistant of the student scientific society Sodikova .Sh. A students are given lectures and master classes on directions:" therapeutic stomatology," "paradontal".

  Scientific-research work of students at the chair "Endodontology and paradontal" is realized by the organization of meeting of student scientific circle "Young manaviyatchilari", realization of separate branch meetings within the framework of international and republican student scientific-practical conferences in Samarkand State Medical University. Students prepare research papers on topical issues of socio-humanitarian knowledge, philosophical, methodological and bioethical problems of modern medicine for the republican contest of research papers.

  All students who are interested in socio-humanitarian problems of medical knowledge and activities are encouraged to cooperate, encouraging the achievements of the Circle members.

  The responsible head of the circle is teacher Sodikova Shoira Amridinovna