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Science club

  The club was created to increase the interest of university students in the subjects studied at the department and to acquire deep knowledge and skills, as well as to participate in international and republican scientific competitions and olympiads.

  Club leaders regularly hold round tables and practical classes among students on various topics.

  In the 2022-2023 academic year, 28 students were accepted as members of the SSS (student scientific society) of general hygiene and ecology at the Department of General Hygiene and Ecology, and all of them participated in scientific research. All employees of the department actively helped students in scientific research.

  Members of the International Olympic Committee actively participate in international olympiads organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Commonwealth countries, winning prizes.

  For example, Umarov Fakhriddin, a 2nd year student at the Faculty of Medical Prevention, Public Health and Medical Biology, won first place at an online conference held at the Kazakh-Russian Medical University on February 2, 2023.