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Science club

  At the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Traditional Medicine, there is a student scientific society (SSS) "Young Rehabilitator", as well as a team of "Servants of Sports", which consist of students who have shown a penchant for scientific activity.SSS seeks to develop the interests of students and contributes to improving the quality of training of specialists of the Samara State Medical University in the field of scientific activity. The primary tasks of SSS are the upbringing and realization of the scientific potential of students of the Samara State Medical University. The chairman of the SSS is the head. PhD, Associate Professor Mavlyanova Z.F.

  The main objectives of the SSS department are: promoting the development of student science, increasing its innovative potential, promoting the achievements of research and teaching and research work of students, implementing the results of research into practice, developing the scientific creativity of young people, promoting the dissemination of modern scientific knowledge, uniting the student community in the discussion, practical solution of the key problems of our time and their implementation. Research work contributes to the formation of the readiness of future specialists for the creative implementation of the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired at the institute, public speaking skills, helps to master the methodology of scientific search and development of scientific material, to gain research experience.

  Members of SSS, under the guidance of teachers of the department, take an active part in the annual student scientific conferences, olympiads. Their work was awarded with honorary diplomas, diplomas.

II All-Russian Student Olympiad in Sports Medicine with International Participation "Medical Marathon", Moscow, 2021 Team 2nd prize