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Research work of the department

  The staff of the department conducts scientific research on the topic "The impact of environmental pollution on the physical development of children and adolescents", "The role of NASSR in the production of confectionery in the Republic of Uzbekistan". Also, the staff of the department conduct their research work in the field of medical and environmental sciences, including:

  1. Gapparova G.N. On the topic "Hyperukemia in children with diabetes mellitus";
  2. Karimov A.A. On the topic "Impact of heavy metals on the environment";
  3. Kiyamov I.E. Conduct research work on the topic "Improvement of surgical methods for the treatment of patients with pathology of the nose."

  The staff of the department published the following monographs:

  1. Hygienic substantiation of alimentary prevention of coronary heart disease in the population and correction of the diet of patients and the main national food products. Israilova G.M., Tukhtarov B.E.
  2. Healthy nutrition and its role in maintaining health. Rakhimova D.Zh.
  3. Ecological and hygienic assessment of soil pollution with heavy metals and development of measures to improve it. Tukhtarov B.E., Abdumuminova R.N., Karimov A.A., Naimova Z.S.
  4. Improving the technology for increasing the medicinal properties and useful economic indicators of the common peach (Persica vulgaris). Abdumuminova R., Utamurodova N., Nuritdinova Z.

  Employees of the department also participate in national and foreign journals and conferences with their articles and abstracts.