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SamSMU establishes cooperation with leading Chinese companies and universities

  Within the framework of the visit to the People's Republic of China the delegation of Samarkand State Medical University also visited a number of leading Chinese companies.

  SamSMU delegation visited Ruijie Networks company, which is a world leader in production of network and information technologies. Negotiations on mutual cooperation were held in the head office of the company in Beijing. Also the experience of China in digitalization of educational processes was studied and a mutual agreement with the company was reached. The delegation of SamSMU got acquainted with the activities of the company and visited the Center of Digital Educational Technologies in Ruijie.

  For information we can say that the Chinese company Ruijie Networks was founded in 2001 and today is a world leader in the production of network and information technologies and digitalization of educational processes.

  Joint projects realized within the framework of SamSMU delegation visit to China will contribute not only to the development of our university, but will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the further development of the educational system of the republic and its transition to a qualitatively new level.

SamSMU Press Service