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A scientific council for the summary of the year was held at Samarkand State Medical University

  On 27 of December of this year, the last scientific council of this year was held at Samarkand State Medical University. The Rector of the University  Jasur Rizayev, opened the Scientific Council with an introduction and congratulated everyone on the new year 2024, wishing everyone success in their academic, personal and work activities.

  The scientific council started with a summary of the year, a discussion of the work done during the year, achievements and new opportunities created. During 2023, Samarkand State Medical University achieved many achievements in scientific, practical, educational and organizational issues. In particular, a simulation center equipped with modern robots of the 7th generation and a research institute of microbiology, virology, infectious and parasitic diseases named after L.M. Isayev were opened at the university. Such as, a new modern dormitory was built and commissioned for students based on private partnership.

  The university has made great strides in international cooperation and has established new cooperation relations. Such as, in 2023, Samarkand State Medical University signed more than 40 memorandums in cooperation with educational institutions and clinical bases of a number of countries of the world, including India, Italy, Russia, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Turkey, Belarus, China and the USA. Great progress has been made in the implementation of joint educational programs within the framework of international cooperation. In addition, joint educational programs were implemented in the fields of cosmetology (with Pomeranian University in Slupsk, Republic of Poland), Bioengineering and Bioinformatics (with Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University), and Management, Health Management (with Laws University, Poland), which are considered modern fields of medicine. . Also, from the next academic year, an agreement was reached with the German OPASCA organization on the implementation of a 2+1 program in the direction of "Nursing", and with Webster University of the United States of America on the training of qualified specialists in "Medical Biology" and "Higher Nursing" at SamSMU based on American standards.Professors and medical staff of Samarkand State Medical University have improved their qualification during academic mobility in foreign countries during the year. Many achievements have been made in applied medicine at the university. In particular, the multidisciplinary clinic of the Samarkand State Medical University in cooperation with the Medical Park medical center in Istanbul successfully performed a liver transplant surgery.

  In the Department of Neurosurgery of the Multidisciplinary Clinic of the Samarkand State Medical University, together with the doctors of the Radiology Department, the ultrasound examination (UTT) device was used for the first time as an intraoperative neuronavigation. UTT apparatus was used as neuronavigation in the intracerebral tumor removal operation located in the frontal basal area of the brain, the remaining parts of the tumor were identified and maximum total removal was achieved. In addition, at the Scientific and Practical Center of Neurosurgery and Neurorehabilitation at the Samarkand State Medical University, the treatment of Parkinson's disease by installing a "chip" was launched.

  The Academic Council also analyzed the work of departments on popularization of healthy lifestyle, the state of training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff, studied the existing problems. The results on the compliance of scientific articles and scientific work with international requirements, the analysis of educational and methodical, spiritual-educational and research work, the activity of the Women's Council of the University were heard.

  Certificates and diplomas were awarded to teachers who received academic degrees at the Council, as well as professors whose articles were published in journals included in the SCOPUS database.

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