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The quiz "Do you know the Russian language?" was held in SamSMU.

  In order to ensure the implementation of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 19, May 20 No. 312 "On measures to effectively organize the promotion of foreign languages," as well as in order to motivate students to study the Russian language and consolidate existing knowledge in the field of the Russian language through a gaming situation, in student dormitory No. 3 of Samarkand State Medical University, a quiz "Do you know Russian?" Was held. It was attended by teams of three faculties: medical medicine, medical biology, folk medicine. Each team adequately represented its faculty, demonstrating good knowledge of the Russian language.

  Students had to complete 4 tasks of different nature and complexity. In the first task, the teams had to guess the country or attraction from the presented pictures, in the second round of logic, students guessed a prepared word from the pictures. This was followed by a tour where team leaders had to answer a series of blitz questions on medicine. And the fourth, creative competition, was for knowledge of songs and films of Russian-speaking countries.

  Each quiz competition was interesting and informative in its own way. During the event, students not only intensified their acquired skills, but also learned new information, showed creative thinking and acting.

  According to the results of the quiz, the victory was won by a team of students of the Faculty of Medical Biology.

  Congratulations to the winners and everyone involved in the quiz!

SamSMU Press service